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Loki Drakspunk

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Loki Drakspunk
Loki Drakspunk.png
Full name Loki Drakspunk Drak & Waffel-Paine
AKA King Loki Drakspunk
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color White-to-brown
Biographical information
Date of birth 1667 (aged 63)
Place of birth Brookshire, Shireroth
Residence(s) Drakorda
Nationality Drak-Modani (Shirerithian at birth)
Allegiance(s) Drak-Modan, House of Drak & Waffel-Paine
Occupation King of Drak-Modan

Loki Drakspunk (legal name after his marriage to John Hilding: Loki Drakspunk Drak & Waffel-Paine) is since 1692, together with his husband John Hilding, one of the King of Drak-Modan.


Loki has several older siblings who have moved with him to Drakorda to serve in his retinue and assist him. They participate in Royal Court activities as surrogates of the royal family. His brothers are Lado Drakspunk and Liru Drakspunk, they are twins born in 1660; and his sister is named Juliana Drakspunk, born 1663. Lado and Liru worked as constables in the Dracoheim civic police force, and Juliana was an elementary school teacher. The Drakspunk siblings are highly respected by John, and he values their help and advice.

John and Loki both agree that a stable and independent foundation for the new House of Drak & Waffel-Paine requires dynastic alliances outside of Drak-Modan, and that Lado, Liru, and Juliana are eligible and willing to serve in such dynastic marriages.

Early Life

  • Born in former Shireroth territory
  • Became a sex worker in late teens
  • Successful career as sex worker, etc

Meeting John Hilding

John met Loki while vacationing in Dracoheim. Although the official story is that they met at one of the exclusive resorts on the island, the truth is that that met at one of Dracoheim's most notorious bathhouse, The Manhole. After several nights of running in to each other, the two men finally exchanged first names and numbers and began to chat daily. The two men fell in love, and delighted in bringing home other men to impress each other. John was at first apprehensive about Loki's career as a sex worker, but Loki, (born 1667), took the time to explain how the profession was well-regarded in the Draconian community. As the Draconian Supremacy Movement gained momentum, John decided to announce his engagement to Loki, relieved that public sentiment might be supportive of the unconventional relationship.

As John's first royal consort and spouse, His Royal Highness is recognized by RMDS Bovics as the spouse that John married for love or companionship. Although church and secular law treat all partners in quadratic marriage equally, it is assumed that the first spouse is considered first among equals in etiquette, protocol, and unavoidable situations where John may only be accompanied by one of his spouses. John and Loki were married in a small public ceremony in the royal palace in Drakorda.


  • Wedding scandal with Lisa/Kir
  • Deteriorating relations between Shirekeep and Drakorda

Style and Titles

As Co-King of Drak-Modan, Loki Drakspunk is styled His Bovic Majesty within Drak-Modan and His Majesty outside Drak-Modan.