Operation Stop Right There

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Operation Stop Right There
Part of Kalirion Fracture
Initial push of the Guttuli Protectorate.
Date 01.II.1673AN
Location Benacia
(Drak-Modan, Guttuli Protectorate)
Result n/a
Drak-Modan Guttuli Protectorate
Commanders and leaders
Nathan II
Grand Commander

Gen. Heidi Drachli
Secretary for Defense
Sal.Darius Derban
Cmdr. XXXIV Salbnan

Ærek Murhin
Lord Protector

Sal. Græffnklau
Commander, Operation Avan Sal. Selmæk
Sal. Hruthals

Units involved
Drak-Modani Defense Force
XXXIV Salb "Derban"
Guttuli Corps

Operation Stop Right There was an operation of the Drak-Modani Defense Force to deter the Guttuli Protectorate which had quickly seized southern Caverden and taken the city of Lichport, creating a hostile situation between the two fledgling states.


Free the city of Lichport. Restore southern Caverden to IRS control or establish a Lichport buffer state. Deter further Guttulinese aggression against Drak-Modan.