Guttuli Protectorate/Military Operations

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Operation Fanlin

Operation Fanlin
Date 2.VII.1671–ongoing AN
Location County of Lunaris
Guttuli Protectorate County of Lunaris
  • Erianamor Regiment
  • Honour Among Hovercats Brigade
  • Lunatic Partisans

Officially launched on 2.VI.1671 AN, with the creation of the Guttuli Protectorate, the goal of Operation Fanlin is the annexation of the County of Lunaris and the elimination of political and military resistance for the ensuing restructuring and resettlement.

Operation Avan

Operation Avan
Date 9.XI.1672–ongoing AN
Location County of Caverden
Guttuli Protectorate
  • Guttuli Corps
    • Salb X "Hagraa"
    • Salb XLIX "Sefroþ"
    • Salb XLIV "Bresa"
  • Utnaræn
    • Barrowfield City Police (rebel)
    • Lichport Constabulary (rebel)
    • Lowbrook City Council
Local Militia
  • Barrowfield City Police (loyalist)
  • Lichport Constabulary (loyalist)
  • Mayor of Lowbrook, Ioan Barvan
  • Caverden Partisans
  • Laqi Villages

Launched on 9.XI.1672 AN, Operation Avan's primary goal was the extension of the western frontier region as far as the western border of southern Caverden. The target territory was split into three sectors, Lichport, Lowbrook, and Barrowfield, after the major urban centers in the region.

The Utnaræn was used to infiltrate the socio-political apparatuses of each city in the months before Operation Avan began. Upon the seizure of power, local elements of the Utnaræn and their compatriots were transferred to a new organization, GU-Kristfaln, a paramilitary formation tasked with facilitating the integration of the region into the Guttuli Protectorate.


The Chief of the Lichport Constabulary, Ui Svahlin, members of the municipal bureaucracy, and one City Councillor, Katarin Olla, were turned by the local Utnaræn action team.

Upon the initiation of Operation Avan, the Lichport Constabulary seized control of the city hall and arrested the mayor and city council (sans Kit Ollin). Infiltration of the Lichport Constabulary had been incomplete, and Deputy Chief of the Lichport Constabulary launched a counter-coup at the city hall. Chief Ui Svahlin and Councillor Ollin were killed in the fighting, but room-to-room fighting continued until the afternoon, when elements of the Guttuli Corps entered the city.

Linking with other members of the local Utnaræn action team, the Guttuli Corps successfully seized the city port and industrial center before nightfall, and cleared through central Lichport in the early evening.


Three of the five members of the Lowbrook City Council were turned by the local Utnaræn action team.

Upon the initiation of Operation Avan, City Councillors Adfri Vatlin, Łoïolf Gæsza, and Runstav Ołstuï seized control of city hall, imprisoning the other council members. Mayor of the City, Ioan Barvan, successfully escaped and began planning a counter-coup with members of the civil service and the Lowbrook Chamber of Commerce when units of the Guttuli Corps arrived.

The three surviving city councillors were commissioned as tribunes in GU-Kristfaln and assigned with the task of governing the Lowbrook Sector.


The Deputy Chief of the Barrowfield City Police and members of the municipal bureaucracy were turned by the local Utnaræn action team.

Upon the initiation of Operation Avan, the city government successfully resisted the coup attempt and, with much loss of life, the leaders of the coup attempt were executed. Martial law was declared and a makeshift militia formed to defend the city against advance units of the Guttuli Corps.

Skirmishes throughout the night established the beginnings of a front line. As secondary units arrived on scene, they were deployed to encircle the city. On 15.XI.1672 AN, the Guttuli Corps began bombarding Barrowfield's city center and pushing the front line inward.

Surviving members of the Utnaræn sabotaged the city's power and communications grid in the predawn hours of 17.XI.1672 AN. In the ensuing chaos, the outer defensive perimeter was routed and Guttuli Corps troops entered the city center.

Operation Liven

Begun on 22.VI.1673, Operation Liven's primary aim is the taking of the City of Ankh, secure the allegiance of rogue members of V Corps and/or neutralize their threat to the Guttuli Protectorate's northern frontier, and increase the Protectorate's socio-economic potential.