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Second Thuylemans Government

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Minister meeting with a portrait of Salome looking down on her loyal servants.

The Thuylemans Government was the cabinet of Shireroth under Steward Louis Thuylemans. It was formed in the aftermath of the 1723 Shirerithian general elections as a coalition between the Thuylemans' Ultraroyalist Party, the Mango-Strengthening Movement, Vanguard for National Reawakening, National Movement of Human Ecologists, the Throne Loyalists, the National Development Party and Passibelend. The administration succeeded the First Thuylemans Government.


Coalition agreement

We, the representatives of the Mango-Strengthening Movement, Vanguard for National Reawakening, National Movement of Human Ecologists, the Throne Loyalists, the National Development Party, Passibelend and Ultra-Royalist Party hereby agree to work together to advance the wellbeing and prosperity of our nation. We understand that unity and cooperation are essential for achieving our goals and ensuring the safety and stability of our homeland. Therefore we grant support to Louis Thuylemans as Steward of the Imperial Government, with the grace of the Gods and Kaiseress Salome.

We believe in, and will uphold, the freedom of the Shirithian. Each denizen shall be entitled to the unalienable rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and the protection of life and property.

Article I - Free Trade

We strongly believe in free trade and free enterprise as the primary cause of wealth creation and economic development. We commit to seeking agreements that promote free trade with nations inside and outside the Raspur Pact. These treaties will help us grow our economy and increase our international standing, while giving us back the ownership over what crosses our borders. We want to establish trade treaties with new and old friends by signing new trade treaties.

Article II - Industrialization and Modernization

To strengthen our nation's economy, we will use subsidies and tax reductions to stimulate further industrialization and modernization of existing industries like agriculture, as well as developing new ones. This will create jobs and drive technological advancements that benefit our citizens. Incentives will be implemented to encourage private industry to increase workforce self-management, representation, and ownership.

Article III - Reformed Imperial Forces

We recognize the need to update and modernize our military forces. We will focus on expanding and modernizing our army into smaller, more specialized units capable of operating independently. This will replace the current reliance on mass assaults and sacrificing our soldiers as cannon fodder, as old pre-Fracture doctrine dictates. Additionally, we will reform the militia into a professional force comprised of various departments including fire protection, medical aid and rescue, order enforcement, criminal investigation, and wildlife management. Each department will have a mix of career and conscript components to ensure expertise and numerical strength.

Article IV - International Relations

We strive for better relations with other nations to prevent external influences over our internal affairs. We will seek to conduct military exercises with the Sanaman army to maintain peace on our continent without compromising our domestic security.

Article V - Neutral Stance

The past has created a divide between Shirerithians and the Raspur Pact. We harbor no animosity toward the allied nations, but will withdraw active participation from the Raspur Pact's military. To achieve our military modernization scheme, we shall leave the Raspur Pact Joint Military Council and no longer contribute towards the Raspur Pact Theatre Commands.

Article VI - Foreign Troops

We believe it is crucial to prioritize the safety and security of our citizens above any potential benefits of hosting foreign troops. Therefore, we will not allow any foreign troops onto our soil without explicit approval from the administration. Our military installations and knowledge will also be shared only with express permission from the government.

Article VII – Missile defense

Our nation is dedicated to preventing global catastrophes by maintaining a strong, mobile and adaptable missile defense system capable of neutralizing incoming threats. We recognize the importance of diplomacy and peaceful resolutions in resolving conflicts and avoiding nuclear warfare.

Article VIII - National Curriculum Reform

As part of our efforts to improve access to quality education across the country, we will revamp the school curricula to include courses focused on Shirerithian history and culture. Students will learn about the diverse cultures within our borders, highlighting similarities and differences between groups such as Batavians, Brookshirians, Jingdaoese, Kildari, etc. Emphasis should be placed on identifying elements that bind these communities together rather than driving wedges between them.

New schools will be established across the country to promote these reforms and bring progress to even the smallest of towns.

Article IX – Electricity needs

With improvement of the living standard of our common people and the expanding industrial complexes, power needs keep growing. We shall promote an aggressive expansion in nuclear and hydroelectric power to meet rising electricity expectations.

Article X – Freedom of the Shirerithian

We commit to the improvement of civil liberties of every Shirerithian and will actively promote the potential of every denizen by making it easier to raise in rank and status on their own merit.

We pledge to implement these measures swiftly and monitor their effectiveness closely. Regular reviews will take place to assess whether adjustments or additional initiatives are necessary to achieve our objectives.