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Jabal al-Mada'

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Khanate of Jabal al-Mada'

خانية الجبل المضاء

Princely state of Çakaristan
Seal of the Khanate of Jabal al-Mada'
Subdivision Princely state
Capital Çatalyokuş
Largest cities Çatalyokuş
Population 34,553,116
Khan Amir Çakar
Languages Arboric
Time Zone CMT+1:30

Çakaristan symbol.png

Jabal al-Mada', officially the Khanate of Dawn-lit Mountain (Arboric: خانية الجبل المضاء), is a princely state of Çakaristan, located on the Kendall Isle. In the Krasnarusyn period, the western and southern parts of the Khanate was divided into the region of Albion (Šlovedk: Elbijun).