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KBS 1Radio

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KBS 1Radio
KBS Radio One
Type Radio networks
Country Phinbella
Availability AM/FM: Phinbella
Satellite: Phinbella and neighbouring
Owner Keopuchean Broadcasting System
Launch date -28BP; 48 years ago (-28BP)
Former names KBS Radio (-28BP--20BP)
KBS 1Radio
KBS 1Radio Logo 2023.svg
City Negara Awan
Broadcast area Phinbella
– near national coverage
Branding Radio KBS Nasional FM (national)
Radio KBS Stesen Tempatan (regional)
Slogan Menyebar Informasi, Menjana Inspirasi
Frequency TQ711-AK: AM 711 kHz ...more
TQ92.3-AK-SFM: FM: 92.3 MHz ...more
Format News, Talk, Culture, Sports
Owner Keopuchean Broadcasting System
KBS 2Radio,
KBS 3Radio,
KBS Classic FM,
KBS Pelangi FM,
KBS Channel Three,
KBS Cartoon FM
KBS Nur Salam FM
First air date
10 January -28BP; 48 years ago (-28BP-01-10)
TQ92.3-AK-SFM: December 1, -12BP; 31 years ago (-12BP-12-01)
Call sign meaning
AM 711 kHz or FM 92.3 MHz
Website phinfanmade/broadcasting/kbs/radiokbs

KBS One Radio or known as KBS 1Radio and KBS Radio 1, is a news, talk, entertainment and information radio network owned by Phinbellan public broadcaster, Keopuchean Broadcasting System. It is a radio network that has less commercial advertising and offers local and national programming. The network is available via AM and FM and it can be heard nationwide.

KBS 1Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day in national programming from Negara Awan, while local stations broadcast with a number of regional programming (including local identification at the top of the clock and at 04:53 NAT/06:13 PPT daily, the stations at the Straits Settlements, Yapreayan settlements (including Cyborges), dependent territories and Tampines at 05:53 NAT and PPT daily and closing transmission at 20:00 NAT or 21:00 PPT daily) to all listeners.


The main slogans for KBS 1Radio are "Phinbellan Main Channel" (Saluran Utama Untuk Rakyat Phinbella), "Phinbellan Awesome Channel" (Saluran Terbaik Untuk Rakyat Phinbella) and "Spread Information, Generate Inspiration" (Menyebar Informasi, Menjana Inspirasi). The tagline for all the local stations of the KBS 1Radio network is different, as is the tagline for the National Network or National Broadcast which is "Always in the Heart" (Sentiasa Di Hati). Its main programming is news and current affairs, in accordance with its three main slogans, among other programming is entertainment such as music, sketches and radio dramas, as well as sports coverage and social education and various other information.

It also broadcasts weather information three times a day which is in the morning for the daytime forecast, in the evening for the evening forecast and at night for the next day's forecast. It also provides weather warnings at 05:55 NAT, 14:55 NAT and 23:55 NAT, and fishing weather warnings at 03:00 NAT (for the start of local broadcasts in the eastern area) and 04:30 NAT (for the start of broadcasts local in the western region).

In the past, social education programs (now known as KBS Phinminjok) were retransmitted at dawn and midnight, and programs produced by the Phinbellan Forces Broadcasting System and programs for the disabled (transferred to KBS 3Radio) were also broadcast. Most local radio stations, especially AM stations, broadcast regional and foreign language broadcasts at certain times, and they continue to this day. Meanwhile, local stations in the Taemhwanian Sangunese-speaking area broadcast broadcasts in Sangunese and it's creoles in the afternoon.

All AM broadcasts are received well subject to technical maintenance at the transmitting station, except for coverage areas that receive full Standard FM broadcasts in either stereo or mono, which includes the Phinbellan Unincorporated Territory.


The beginning of KBS radio began in -54BP when a foreign engineer brought the first radio set into the Permata Islands (Phinbella) on January 10, -54BP. With the entry of the radio, the Permata Islands Regional Wireless Association was established which started broadcasting with 300 meter waves. This was followed by the establishment of the Hebrides Base Wireless Association in -50BP as well as the Phinean Republic District Wireless Association in -44BP. In -37BP, the first license was issued on August 1 in the name of the head of the Phinean Republic District Wireless Association named Kim Joo-se.

On January 10, -28BP, a week after the celebration of Maal Hijrah, the Radio Broadcasting Department was established under the name of Civilian Broadcasting Corporation and started radio broadcasting on the same day, with a recording of Maal Hijrah celebration and a speech from the Ruler of the State of Forajasaki representing the kings and the head of the princely state in the Phineonesian region, it broadcasts with a wave of 300 meters at a broadcast frequency of 711KHz. There is a studio located in Tampines broadcasting for forty five minutes starting at 20:00 NAT to 20:45 NAT. The range of the single 1.2Kw transmitter is only five miles around Tampines and surrounding areas.

In recent years, several radio stations have been established in several different places such as in Batu Sepoy, Pos Pamekasan, Pulau Rintis, Rimba Raya, Springwind Islands and several other places, and all of them are affiliated with the Civilian Broadcasting Corporation but broadcast local programming by broadcasting headquarters broadcast for two to three hours. And from there, CBC operates two networks namely Tampines Central Network and Dominion Network, privately owned affiliates which are local radio stations affiliated with CBC are Dominion Network stations and broadcast local content.

Following that, the CBC until changing to KBS in -17BP was the main broadcaster and regulator of broadcasting in Phinbella until -10BP. It used these roles to take most of the clear channel frequencies on the AM band.

In -22BP, the CBC Radio Network began broadcasting commercial adveristing as an one way to generate radio revenue. In -21BP, CBC radio operations moved to Tampines Federal Building replacing its temporary studio in Kruchong. In the same year, the CBC started running different programming on the four existing FM stations in Tampines, Springwind Islands, Pulau Rintis and Rimba Raya, which has provided simulcast programming on the AM frequencies of the four stations. It broadcasts monaural FM signals. The programming on all four of its FM stations consists of presenting the songs of its time. In -17BP, following the merger of the radio and television services and the rebranding of the CBC as the Keopuchean Broadcasting System, the radio service was known as Radio Keopuchean and the local service was known as Radio Keopuchean Dominion Network. Since then, social education broadcasts (before moving to the KBS Phinminjok network) as well as defense broadcasts and programs for the elderly and disabled (before moving to KBS 3Radio) were broadcast on Radio Keopuchean and the Dominion Network.

In -12BP, the local broadcast service known as the Dominion Network was discontinued and the Dominion Network was disbanded, but local broadcast service was resumed four years later in stereo and also returned to broadcasting in AM. On 1 December -12BP, KBS Radio began broadcasting through the Standard FM frequency of 100.2MHz transmitted from the Santa Maria transmitter station, Tampines. On November 10 of the same year, Radio Keopuchean changed its name to Radio KBS or KBS 1 Radio. Radio KBS local service is gradually broadcast in Standard FM frequencies but in mono waves, whereas AM frequencies are broadcast in stereo waves.

Starting January 1, -10BP, the main station of Radio KBS broadcast from Tampines was renamed as Radio KBS Siaran Nasional. Since -10BP, Radio KBS began to increase its current affairs and documentary content, using live news and current affairs coverage that delivers accurate information to listeners, but it does not neglect to deliver entertainment and songs according to listeners' tastes. The change in the Radio KBS network or KBS 1Radio started with an interview show that was broadcast on the national network known as Sawancara where it was broadcast in the evening. Soon after, the change began to spread to regional or local broadcasts of KBS 1Radio including a segment of the morning show that develops live radio for three to four hours, it combines "survival information" on news, weather forecasts and traffic reports, with interviews and documentaries on local, regional and national affairs, as well as radio drama and entertainment such as comedy and songs.

Until -6BP, the KBS 1Radio network was signed off the air between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. every day after the extension of its broadcast time. However, on September 20, -6BP, Rangkaian Nasional or Siaran Nasional began broadcasting 24 hours a day by launching an overnight program slot, Radio One Di Sepanjang Malam, which broadcasts national and international news, as well as documentary programs, radio dramas and non-stop entertainment.

Starting on 28 February -2BP, the National Network was broadcast on Standard FM 92.3MHz from the Menorah Transmitter Station, Tampines with a power of 10kW, replacing its previous frequency which was closed a day later.

Since the -10BPs, some of KBS 1Radio's local stations switched to the Standard FM frequency in response to public complaints about poor AM reception, it also included the National Network frequency, most of the stations that switched to SFM broadcast in mono only. Therefore, in RP 2600 to the end of the RP 2600s, the local station frequencies in the existing SFM switched to Stereo and some mono SFM frequencies were added. Although there are a few local KBS 1Radio stations still broadcasting on AM waves, due to AM radio signal reception issues in urban areas, most of the remaining AM stations have added FM rebroadcasts in major urban centers within their broadcast area.

In RP 2601, when KBS moved its headquarters to Hulu Teming, the transmitting station in Tampines ended its national broadcast with the SFM frequency of 92.3MHz and was replaced by a new frequency for local broadcasts, also moved to the transmitting station in Hulu Teming, then broadcast with the same frequency.

In RP 2606, defense and military programs and programming were discontinued, and programming for the elderly and disabled was transferred to KBS 3Radio, rural programs still continue on some local stations.

Starting January 1, RP 2609, the National Network or Siaran Nasional was branded as Nasional FM, but the terms "National Network" and "Siaran Nasional" are still maintained until now.

In RP 2614, when Bandar Baru Fatin became the capital of Phinbella, a frequency that was broadcast for the National Network was SFM 93.8MHz. On August 1, RP 2616, when KBS moved its headquarters to Negara Awan, the National Network's main frequencies of AM 711kHz and SFM 92.3MHz were moved from Hulu Teming to the transmitter station in Bukit Berawan (near its new headquarters) on August 8, while the National Network's frequencies in Hulu Teming was maintained to operate same as in Negara Awan plus a local broadcast frequency.

KBS 1Radio stations

National Network (Nasional FM)

Callsign Frequency Power Transmitter location Coverage area
TQ711-AK-AM AM 711㎑ 500 kW Tanjong Piandon
TQ92.3-AK-SFM FM 92.3㎒ 10 kW Bukit Berawan Negara Awan, New Territories (Phinbella)
10 kW Hulu Teming
FM 93.8㎒ 10 kW Padang Penghujung Dunia Territory of Flower
FM 88.5㎒ Tampines
Territory of Hōkaïdán, Judea and Nán'yō Islands
FM 95.3㎒ 100 kW Maritime Kachi Kochi
FM 98.1㎒ 100 kW Bukit Mas Territory of Soccsksargen, Pinnacle Strip and SSS Islands
FM 107.1㎒ 5 kW Tamar Transmitter Straits Settlements
FM 100.5㎒ 50 kW Qyzylorda-Sud Transmitter Oriental Digital Sebelah, Kamoveropo, Libertador General Bernard O'Higgins
FM 90.9㎒ 1 kW Balor Puang Transmitter Westorney
50 kW Gunung Lavin Orange Free State
FM 91.7㎒ 50 kW Gunung Kledang Cyberaya
1 kW Kampung Logit Politama
FM 96.6㎒ 1 kW Kota Hilir
FM 88.9㎒ 50 kW KBS Padang Pauh Danville-Providenciales-Kota Iskandar Metropolitan Region
FM 101.9㎒ 50 kW Western Nijima
FM 105.7㎒ Plazas de Irian
FM 101.9㎒ Sixty-Four Villages Eastern Islands
FM 88.1㎒ Niuē i Taman Lawang
FM 92.1㎒ 50 kW Gunung Semersak Phinéas Padolski and Paju Cantonment
20 kW Penarik Exchange CNNPT
20 kW Bukit Serapi Islands of Dong Ping
FM 92.7㎒ 100 kW Chugowaken-yama Taemhwanian Mainlands
FM 95.3㎒ Kaki Shinjuku Territory of Taemhwanian Frontier Settlements Area
FM 100.3㎒ Spitsbergen and Islas Kelvina

Other stations

Call sign Regional markets Territory Frequencies
TQ96.3-AY-SFM Negara Awan and New Territories Federal Special Capital Territory
TQ1230-SP-AM San Fransōkyō-Ume Momo-Rintis Island Maritime Kachi Kochi
TQ96.1-KF-SFM Drumsite, Phosphate Hill, Rocky Point
TQ99.1-CF-SFM Yapreayan settlements and Cyborges
TQ88.5-VK-SFM Springwind Islands Straits Settlements
Boninki Islands
TQ89.4-TP-SFM Providenciales Bonin Islands and Seberang Pyojin
TQ91.3-PT-SFM Tannyeugwa Square and Phinéas Padolski Territory of E.A. of the Refugee Camp and Immigrant Settlements Area
TQ105.1-TG-SFM Mount Gambier
Panaji Dindings
TQ100.9-KI-SFM Cyberaya Cyberaya
TQ540-KA-AM Tampines and Konohagakure Phinbellan Unincorporated Territory
TQ88.9-AI-SFM North Point
TQ104.7-FG-SFM Channel Islands
TQ1400-CS-AM Pantai Palau-Bassas da Cheju-Hyulwon
TQxx Padang Polo Exchange
TQ104.8-xx-SFM Melekeok-Fica i Fedja-Laila
TQ1098-CJ-AM Permata Mutiara Permata Mutiara
TQ990-SJ-AM Lojing Ross Dependency
TQ747-QV-AM Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï
Iñderaqonır Oystra Stoorskerið
TQ102.3-HA-SFM Kota Hilio Kota Hilir
TQ99.9-DK-SFM Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
Soekarnograd Tanah Baharu
TQQK Ҭvuҟovarь Oriental Hispanioéire Taemhwan
TQ990-IG-AM Kota Iskandar Province Wellesley and Suyaj-Ardab
TQ94.5-KH-SFM Islands of Dong Ping Islands of Dong Ping
TQ104.8-KQ-SFM Politama Politama
TQ1152-CW-AM Orange Free State Orange Free State
TQ104.9-BP-SFM Liancourt Rocks Pinnacle Strip and SSS Islands
TQ105.9-EP-SFM Pondok Chabai Soccsksargen
TQ963-ZK-AM Spencer Gulf and Naborstadt Nabor Klafterschaft
TQCY Halim Halim
TQ91.5-WN-SFM Ever Grande Western Nijima
TQ106.1-HG-SFM Niuē i Taman Lawang Niuē i Taman Lawang
Kantō-shū Islands Kantō-shū Islands
Kampung Raja Turku and Hōri
Gimmelschtump Drusselstein
Hsinhōdokián Manschūhōria

KBS 1Radio schedule

KBS 1Radio local programming

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