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FPPO Radio 3

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FPPO Radio 3
  • Negara Awan
City Negara Awan
Broadcast area Free area of the Federation
Dependent territories (Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï, Oystra Stoorskerið, Permata Mutiara and Ross Dependency)
Special administrative territories
Ghawur, southern part of Sikin, Tabui and western part of Shintaro (Forajasaki)
Northern Amaland and Southern Karnamark (Hurmu)
Cross-border townships in southwest Isles of Caputia, New Luthoria, southern Santander, northeast Valencia (including South Cherusken Highlands) and southwest Borinquen (Nouvelle Alexandrie)
Frequency 1188 AM kHz and 96.9 FM MHz (Negara Awan)
Language(s) Common Tongue (official/main)
Format News and information, Entertainment and Easy listening/Oldies programme
Operator Public Broadcasting of the Federation of Phinbella
FPPO Radio 1
FPPO Radio 2
FPPO Radio 4
FPPO Radio 5
FPPO Radio 6
First air date
February 14, -63BP; 83 years ago (-63BP-02-14)
Former call signs
TQ-3 (February 14, -63BP (-63BP-02-14)—April 25, -18BP (-18BP-04-25))
Gelombang 3 (April 26, -18BP (-18BP-04-26)—November 10, RP 2600 (RP 2600-11-10))
Radio 3 (November 11, RP 2600 (RP 2600-11-11)—November 10, RP 2610 (RP 2610-11-10))
Former frequencies
845/1525 kHz (-63BP--54BP)
860 kHz (-54BP--33BP)
Call sign meaning
Technical information
Licensing authority
Phinbellan Federal Broadcasting Authority
Webcast phinfanmade/broadcasting/fppo/radio1
Website phinfanmade/broadcasting/fppo