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KBS Phinminjok Network

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KBS Phinminjok Radio
KBS Phinminjok Radio Logo 2023.svg
City Negara Awan
Broadcast area Phinbella, Forajasaki, Phinbellan diaspora in Thraci Confederation, New Batavia and Hurmu
Format Propaganda
Owner Keopuchean Broadcasting System
First air date
-7BP; 27 years ago (-7BP)
Website phinfanmade/broadcasting/kbs/phinminjoknetwork

KBS Phinminjok Network (Phineaner: Rangkaian Rakyat Phinbella KBS; Taesongean: KBS핀민족넷워크) and KBS Phinminjok Radio (Phineaner: Radio Rakyat Phinbella KBS; Taesongean: KBS핀민족라디오) is an Phinbellan anti-Imperial propaganda radio channel network operated by the Keopuchean Broadcasting System. The network has two radio channels, and it is the only radio network that does not have FM frequencies in Phinbella. The radio network was launched in -7BP followed by the satellite television network in -3BP. Formerly the radio network was known as Keopuchean Social Education Radio (Phineaner: Radio Pendidikan Sosial Keopuchean), and the formerly television network known as KBS Planet (Taesongean: KBS플래넷) which had only one channel, in RP 2609, it was rebranded and divided into two channels television for a specific program slot. The Phinminjok television network later will end its broadcasting on September 1 and be rebranded as the KBS Sukmaindera television network. Radio Phinminjok 2 broadcasts programs from KBS International Radio in Phineaner, Taesongean, Sangunese and Thraci languages, and relays similar programs to Radio Phinminjok 1 and programs from KBS 1Radio stations from the Phinbellan Maritime Territories.

The Phinminjok Network can be watched and heard via AM and SW frequencies, and satellite broadcasts. The audience and listeners could be extended not only to the people of Forajasaki, but also to the Phinminjok (Phinbellans) living in the Thraci Confederation, New Batavia, Hurmu, Kunapura and Mercury.

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