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Country Phinbella
Broadcast area
Network Keopuchean Broadcasting System
Language(s) Phinbellan, Taesongean, Afrikaans, Romansh, Sanpanese, Hoennese, Common Tongue and other languages
Picture format 2160p (UHDTV)
(downscaled to 1080i and 16:9 480i for the HDTV and SDTV feeds respectively)
Owner Keopuchean Broadcasting System
Sister channels KBS 1TV
Launched 17 November -12BP
UHF Channel 28 (Inter Entity Demilitarised Zone)
Channel 45 (Namsan Station)
Digital terrestrial television Negara Awan:
Channel 10.1
FervTV Channel 2 (HD)
Channel 102 (SD)
Available in every cable provider in Phinbella Channel slots vary on each operator
B TV Channel 7 (HD)
U+ TV Channel 7 (HD)
Olleh TV Channel 7 (HD)
Streaming media
KBS Official Watch Live

KBS 2TV is the second free-to-air channel in Phinbella, the second television service of the Keopuchean Broadcasting System (KBS). Launched on November 17, -12BP. It is a sister service to KBS 1TV, it caters to the tastes of youths and the ethnic minority community in Phinbella. KBS 2TV broadcasts reality shows, dramas, entertainment shows and movies as well as sports programs, it also broadcasts news and talk in Eeshan, Afrikaans, Romansh, Thraci and Sangunese language as well as Jing and Cantonese. Not to be missed, KBS 2TV broadcast own morning talk show in the four national languages in Phinbella (Phineaner, Taesongean, Afrikaans and Romansh) and also Sangunese, it is called Good Morning Phinbella Live! where it is broadcast in one language in a day.


KBS 2TV, it was originally known as "Second Network" started operations on 17 November -12BP, KBS2 was launched and four high-powered medium wave stations in Bandar Baru Fatin started transmission. KBS2 was launched as a result of increasing audience demand for local entertainment and drama programs as well as programs aimed at ethnic minority communities, as KBS-TV (now known as KBS 1TV) can only be broadcast starting in the afternoon and ending late. night. After KBS2 was launched, KBS-TV, formerly known as CBC-TV, was branded as KBS First Network.

In RP 2610, KBS 2TV has started broadcasting 24 hours a day to broadcast live sports only programs such as Cerialimpiade, Until RP 2614, it started broadcasting Micras Games (if this event is held in the future), FMF World Cup 2019 since Phinbella joined Micras, also EMU Championships, as well as tournaments and games held either in the real world (irl) or in Micras. Every year, KBS 2TV broadcasts 24 hours a day for the month of Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr as well as during the Hajj season.

On November 17, RP 2614, KBS 2TV has started HDTV broadcasting completely in conjunction with the twenty-sixth anniversary of KBS2.

Starting in RP 2617, KBS 2TV will broadcast 24 hours on public holidays in Phinbella, compared to KBS 1TV which will broadcast 24 hours if public holidays have fallen on Friday or Sunday. However, KBS 2TV became back to broadcast 21 hours daily since April RP 2618.


KBS domestic stations and Radio 2/2TV services

Station (regional market) Radio 2 2TV (analog) 2TV (digital)
Call sign Ch. Call sign
Nationwide TQAB TQ10-AB-TV 10 TQ10-AB-TV
San Fransōkyō-Ume Momo-Rintis Island TQIB TQ12-IB-TV 12 TQ04-IB-DTV
Tri-State Area TQDB TQ10-DB-TV 10 TQ10-DB-DTV
Drumsite, Phosphate Hill, Rocky Point TQCC TQ02-CC-TV 2 TQ10-CC-DTV
Yapreayan settlements and Cyborges TQOC TQ12-OC-TV 12 TQ10-OC-DTV
Cyberaya TQPC TQ02-PC-TV 2 TQ10-PC-DTV
Kampung Raja TQKD TQ12-KD-TV 12 TQ10-KD-DTV
Tannyeugwa Square and Phinéas Padolski TQIZ TQ02-IZ-TV 2 TQ10-IZ-DTV
Mount Gambier TQTC TQ05-TC-TV 5 TQ10-TC-DTV
Penarik TQUB TQ02-UB-TV 2 TQ10-UB-DTV
North Point TQJC TQ04-JC-TV 4 TQ10-JC-DTV
Politama TQHB TQ05-HB-TV 5 TQ10-HB-DTV
Phinéas Padolski outlying islands TQFD TQ02-FD-TV 2 TQ10-FD-DTV
Negara Awan and New Territories TQAC TQ10-AC-TV
10 TQ10-AC-DTV
Bandar Baru Fatin -- 10
Boninki Islands -- TQ03-BC-TV 3 TQ10-BC-DTV
Springwind Islands TQVB TQ41-VB-TV
41 TQ10-VB-DTV
Providenciales Bonin Islands -- 41
Liancourt Rocks TQBB TQ12-BB-TV
12 TQ10-BB-DTV
Sunshine Coast and coastal part of Dunkinopol Island -- 12
Regional Dunkinopol Island -- 12
Remote Soccsksargen -- 12
Spencer Gulf and Naborstadt -- TQ12-SE-TV 12 TQ10-SE-DTV
Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area -- TQ49-RS-TV 49 TQ10-RS-DTV
Kota Iskandar TQLC TQ04-LC-TV 4 TQ10-LC-DTV
Islands of Dong Ping TQTB TQ12-TB-TV 12 TQ10-TB-DTV
Channel Islands TQKB TQ03-KB-TV 3 TQ10-KB-DTV
Kota Hilio TQTH TQ52-TH-TV
52 TQ10-TH-DTV
Daman and Diu -- 52
Orange Free State -- TQ38-XB-TV 38 TQ10-XB-DTV
Serambi TQHD TQ39-HD-TV 39 TQ10-HD-DTV
Kebun Limau Purut TQRB TQ06-RB-TV 6 TQ10-RB-DTV
Iñderaqonır TQLB TQ06-LB-TV 6 TQ10-LB-DTV
Northern Oriental Digital Sebelah -- TQ12-SB-TV 12 TQ10-SB-DTV
Southern Oriental Digital Sebelah -- TQ40-SD-TV 40 TQ10-SD-DTV
Remote and Regional Southwestern Phinbella -- TQ01-AC-TV 1 TQ10-AC-DTV
Westorney -- TQ02-GB-TV 2 TQ10-GB-DTV
Halim TQID TQ12-ID-TV 12 TQ10-ID-DTV
Sixty-Four Villages Eastern Islands TQMC TQ12-MC-TV 12 TQ10-MC-DTV
Western Nijima TQWC TQ05-WC-TV 5 TQ10-WC-DTV
Permata Mutiara TQCD TQ12-CD-TV 12 TQ10-CD-DTV
Tampines and Unincorporated Territory TQKB TQ10-KB-TV 10 TQ10-KB-DTV
Ҭvuҟovarь TQTZ TQ03-TZ-TV 3 TQ10-TZ-DTV
Ducie-Dohoi-Itsunomi Mountains
Kéijō-Martin-de-Viviès-Tanah Commodore-Kororu
Niuē i Taman Lawang TQHZ TQ08-HZ-TV 8 TQ10-HZ-DTV
Plazas de Irian

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