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Phinéas Padolski

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Phinéas Padolski
City of Phinéas Padolski
Other language transcription(s)
 • Pyeongrang Malay Pᶜaké (literally Pekan)
 • Úyvidék Malay Chaguaramas
Korean name transcription(s)
 • Hangul 평랑
 • Revised Romanization Pyeongrang
 • McCune–Reischauer P'yŏngrang
Satellite image of Phinéas Padolski
Phinéas Padolski location
Location of Phinéas Padolski in the Phinbella
Country Phinbella
Territory Territory of Extraterritorial Authority of the Refugee Camp and Immigrant Settlements Area
Proclamation of Vers Empire 6 June -34BP
Incorporated 1 January -6BP
 • Body Shire of Phinéas Padolski
 • Shire President Han Ki-Hyun
Population (RP 2616)
 • Total 104,500
 • Density 1.79/km2 (4.6/sq mi)
Time zone PPT (UTC+5:20)
Postcode 91xxx