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Phinéas Padolski Time

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Phinéas Padolski Time
time zone
World map with the time zone highlighted
CMT offset
PPT CMT+05:20
Current time
22:12, 17 June 2024 PPT [refresh]
Observance of DST
DST is not observed in this time zone.

The Phinéas Padolski Time (PPT) or known as Pyeongrang Time and Daïren Time (DÏT) is used in the eastern part of Phinbella i.e. in Territory of Extraterritorial Authority of the Refugee Camp and Immigrant Settlements Area, Straits Settlements, Ross Dependency, Niuē i Taman Lawang, Tri-State Area of Mutiara Makmur, Province Wellesley and Suyaj-Ardab, Plazas de Irian, Western Nijima, Nabor Klafterschft and eastern part of Oriental Taemhwan including Daïren, and 5 hours 20 minutes earlier than CMT (CMT+5:20 or CMT+5⅓), it is geographically largely located in the CMT+4 and CMT+5 and a small part is located in the CMT+6. Known as Daïren Time because the central geographical position of CMT+5:20 is precisely in Daïren and not in Phinéas Padolski despite the official name as Phineas Padolski Time (Phineas Padolski's position is in the CMT+6 area). Likely Negara Awan Time in the western part of Phinbella, this area does not currently observing daylight saving time.