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Kantō-shū Islands

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Kantō-shū Islands
Kepulauan Kantō-shū
  Territories of Phinbella  
Territory and State of Kantō-shū Islands
Wilayah dan Negeri Kepulauan Kantō-shū

Nickname(s): Pearl of the Pearling Luggers
Location of Kantō-shū Islands (circled in red)
in Phinbella (light yellow)
Country Phinbella
Entity Free area of the Federation
Exploration -84BP
Seperated from Phinbellan Unincorporated Territory and the Carey Islands February 1, RP 2619 (RP 2619-02-01)
Incorporated as a Territory August 15, RP 2619 (RP 2619-08-15)
 • Type Parliamentary
 • Body Kantō-shū Islands State Territorial Government
 • Governor TBA
 • Chief Minister TBA
 • Legislature Kantō-shū Islands Territorial Legislature
 • Total 558.29 km2 (215.56 sq mi)
 • Land 126.372 km2 (48.793 sq mi)
 • Water 431.918 km2 (166.764 sq mi)
Highest elevation 12 m (39 ft)
Population (1730 AN)
 • Total 1,119,093
 • Density 2,000/km2 (5,200/sq mi)
Demonym Kantō-shū Islanders
 • Official languages Phineaner (national)
Taesongean (national)
Common Tongue (regional)
 • Dialects Kantō-shū Phineaner · Gangwol Phineaner
Other ethnic minority languages
Time zone PPT (UTC+5:20)
Postal code 121xxx to 122xxx
Calling code +852 14
Vehicle registration KT