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This article is about the directly-administered territory in Phinbella. For the island which has same name but are located Providenciales, see Dinding Island.
  Directly-administered territories  
Territory of Dindings
Wilayah Dindings
Other transcription(s)
 • Jawi دينديڠس
 • Taesongean 딘딩스
 • Eeshan டிண்டிங்ஸ்
Ṭiṇṭiṅs (Transliteration)
 • Sangunese ディンディングス
Location of Territory of Dindings (circled in red) in Phinbella (light yellow)
Country Phinbella Phinbella
Entity Free area of the Federation
Geographical region Tempasuku
Phinbellan independence 6 January RP 2615
Part of Territory of Extraterritorial Authority 6 January RP 2615
Part of CNPPT c. RP 2617
Transfer to Unincorporated Territory c. RP 2618
De facto establishment 1 February RP 2618
De facto establishment 14 March RP 2619
Capital Panaji
Collectivities 2
 • Administrator TBA
 • Total 547.8 km2 (211.5 sq mi)
Highest elevation (Mount Semangkok) 1,240 m (4,070 ft)
Population (1730 AN)
 • Total 429,771
 • Density 780/km2 (2,000/sq mi)
Demonym Dindingese
 • Official Phineaner (Phinbellan) · Taesongean
 • Spoken
 • Ethnic groups
Time zone PPT (UTC+5:20)
Postal code 100xxx~110xxx
ISO 3166 code PH-FED-07
Vehicle registration LD

Dindings (Sangunese: ディンディングス, translit.: Dindingusu?), officially the Territory of Dindings (Sangunese: ディンディングス準州, translit.: Dindingusu Junshū?, Phineaner: Wilayah Dindings; Taesongean: 딘딩스준주; RRDinding-seu Junju; abbrevated to TOD) is a Phinbellan directly-administered territory located on the Cyberian southern coast. It borders the Territory of Taemhwanian Frontier Settlements Area in the southwest, the Phinbellan Unincorporated Territory in the north and northeast, and the Ïeu'ryían Strait in the south, located about 180 kilometers from Negara Awan, 72 kilometers from Kéijō and 17 kilometers from Penarik. The Territory of Dindings was de facto established on February 1, RP 2618 the result of split from the Central Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Territory, but it was de jure established on March 14, RP 2619, the day after Phineas Day. Dindings covers an area of 547.8 square kilometers (211.5 sq mi) and has a population of 380,520 people according to last year's census.

Panaji is the capital of this territory, although Pante Mengkasar is more developed. Another major town is the fishing port of Kuala Abai, as well as the hill station of Bukit Nishihira. There are other small towns and villages in this territory such as Pituru, Apal, Kinasaraban and Pauh Putra. This territory is traditionally the homeland of the Dindings Creole community and also the Dindings Bajau community, however the residents of this territory are of various ethnicities, cultures and religions.