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Great Tour of 1693

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The route of the Great Tour on a world map

The Great Tour of 1693 (Calbic: Mordaith Fawr) is an ongoing diplomatic visit of the Prince of the Calbain and the Governor-General of Calbion to the overseas territories of the Calbain state as well as a number of official state visits to sovereign states in Cibola and Keltia. At many state visits, treaties of friendship will be signed. The Great Tour was an idea of Governor-General Richard ab Ioan and can be regarded as the culmination of the colonial expansion during his term, as well as the policy of Agoriad.

Notable Events

Several important events occured during the tour. The tour marked the first time a Calbain leader visited Zandarijn. The visit to the Elwynnese station Kaamiozyr culminated in the recognition of the anti-Raspurid Republic of Tarrland. This recognition was highly political and part of the Calbain support for Republican forces in the Second Elwynnese Civil War. The visit to the Skerries coincided with the MSC recognition of Calbion's establishment of the Crown Colony of Y Skerriach.

Scheduled stops

Date Location visited Notes
7.I.1693 AN Calbion Southporth Visit to leaders of the Brettish community in Southern Kilkelly
9.I.1693 AN Calbion Aran
11.I.1693 AN Calbion Newydd Pentyre
13.I.1693 AN Calbion Rherci
14.I.1693 AN Sankt Ludwigshafen Sankt Ludwigshafen State visit to Sankt Ludwigshafen, a close neighbour and ally.
16.I.1693 AN Craitland Hamstadt Meeting with the King of Craitland and the Governor of Zandarijn. During the visit, formal relations were established with Craitland that includes a period of visa-free travel for 90 days.
23.I.1693 AN Calbion Southgate After a train ride through the South Cibolan Green and a visit to Ashing, the tour went on to the Ynys Herydd.
26.I.1693 AN Byalia Byalia State visit to Byalia
30.I.1693 AN Calbion Porth Duro Visit to the Crown Colony of Sant Martynn
3.II.1693 AN Elwynn Station Kaamiozyr
Republic of Tarrland flag.png Tarrland
Scheduled as a refuelling stop. This stop was scheduled to occur during a period when Kaamiozyr was under rebel occupation. The use of the station, and much else besides, on the part of Calbion was subject to a formal protest by the Elluenuueq government. During the visit, the Governor-General and the Prince spoke both with the President of Tarrland and representatives of the Republican forces. The visit culminated in the official recognition of the Republic of Tarrland by Calbion, and the promise to send two destroyers to aid the Tarrlanders in defense against a Raspurid invasion.
7.II.1693 AN Calbion Sant Paula Visit to the Crown Colony of Penn ar Bed
9.II.1693 AN Calbion Y Triunfo Visit to the Crown Colony of Y Dwyrain
3.II.1693 AN Calbion Caer Agra Visit to the famous Red Fortress of Agra
3.II.1693 AN Palesmenia Séagúna Visit to the Palesmenian territory that borders the Calbain colony of Y Dwyrain. Meeting with local leaders. No formal relations were conducted with the Palesmenian goverment.
10.II.1693 AN Calbion Porth Lewis Visit to the newest Crown Colony in the Skerries. Official installation ceremony of the Representative.
12.II.1693 AN Calbion Porth Basil Visit in the Skerries continues.
19.II.1693 AN Nova England Port Moorland Visit to the Calbain community in Port Moorland
20.II.1693 AN Nova England Newcastle-upon-Eastmoor State Visit to Nova England
23.II.1693 AN Mercury Mercury State Visit to Mercury
26.II.1693 AN Calbion Arcadia Visit to the Crown Colony of Kilda
6.III.1693 AN Calbion Pentyre Conclusion of the Great Tour coinciding with the Feast of Alynna