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Timeline of Calbion

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Date Gregorian Date AN Event
Prehistory unknown Tribes known as the Calbi have a presence on the current Ynys y Calbain. The tribes have some sort of federative government structure, but are subdued by the Jasonian Empire
February 2000 1441 The Jasonian Empire rules the isles and is the first to impress a unified culture and government on the region.
April 2004 1492 Fall of Jasonia. Calbain tribes reassert themselves in the Penwlad region. Owain the Great is the first Prince of the Calbain in recorded history.
May 2004 1493 Aerlig occupies the Calbain lands for 25 years.
April 2006 1515 The Cibolan empire of Matbaa colonises the Ynys y Calbain
September 2006 1520 New Britannia occupies present day Kilkelly and Armoria and by doing so, creates a distinct culture and tradition in these lands.
December 2006 1523 After the Brits leave, Kilkelly and Armoria are part of Zindaria.
April 2008 1539 Fall of Matbaa, Llywelyn II, Prince of the Calbain takes the Matbaaic executive city of Kerkboran (presently: Lloran)
July 2008 1542 Batavian settlers in the South of Ynys y Calbain establish the Free State of Maraguo, origin of the Maraguan population.
February 2009 1549 The Calbain lands are occupied by Nelaga, a neo-Jasonian nation.
January 2013 1596 Collapse of Nelaga. Jack de Montfort sails to Calbion and establishes the Calbain nation
February 2013 1597 The Calbain tribes are unified, the Southern rebellion is defeated, Jack de Montfort becomes Prince of the Calbain, the Talaith of Kilkelly and Armoria (y Faenor) are established.
March 2013 1598 The Tractor incident, Calbain pirate activity increases and Lord Callaghan claims Penguin Island for Calbion.
April 2013 1599 The "Pirate war" with Natopia breaks out as a proxy war of the broader Jingdao-Natopian conflict. In the end of the year, the relationship with Jingdao deteriorates, leading the Calbain government to declare independence. The Calbain Independence War breaks out following the arrest and execution of the Jingdaoese representative. Multiple bombings destroy the urban centres of Kilkelly and Saint Edward.
May 2013 1600 The destruction caused by the war of independence causes the collapse of the Calbain government. In the South, a Maraguan rump state is created.
January 2014 1608 The Calbain leadership reasserts control over Calbion. In need for political and economic assistance, Calbion becomes a protectorate of the Brettish Isles.
March 2014 1610 Calbain politician Llywelyn Lewis becomes Governor-General of Calbion.
April 2015 1623 The first elections are held for the reformed Cynulliad Cenedlaethol election, resulting in a nationalist-conservative government.
August 2015 1627 The Lewis II government leads Calbion to independence following a political crisis in the Brettish Isles.
May 2016 1636 The second elections are held and sees the nationalists just short of a majority, a grand coalition between nationalists and labour results in the Lewis III government.
June 2017 1649 Following the Euran War, the Jingdaoese government and the Lewis III government reach an agreement on shared governance.
August 2017 1651 The Jingdaoese government implements direct rule, causing the Calbain government to go in exile on the Skerry isles.
July 2018 1662 Eleven years after the Jingdaoese occupation, the Calbain revolt and the Jingdaoese leave Calbion. Calbain governments is re-established.
October 2018 1671 Calbion becomes a state of Arcadia, a nation that occupied the Jasonian Islands for several years. The Calbain people regain many of their privileges, including home-rule under the a realist government.
June 2020 1685 Calbion once again gains independence. Evyn Drakeford becomes Governor-General following the elections held this year.
July 2020 1686 The Cynulliad Cenedlaethol approves the Ynysoedd Unedig proposal, expanding the Calbain nation to the West and occupying the Aeronesian Archipelago.
September 2020 1688 The Realist faction, under the leadership of the new Governor-General Richard ab Ioan, win the 1688 elections in a landslide.