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Republic of Aerlig
Official language English
Capital Adelwin
Largest cities Accolaide, Trenton-Corio
Website Aerlig's Website
Forum Aerlig's Forum
Number of citizens 10
Number of active citizens none (Nation Inactive)
Date founded August 23rd 2001
Government Republic
Current leader Protector of Aerlig Lachlan Powers
Currency Aers
National animal Boar
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 6.7.5 - 8.0.0

Aerlig was a leading member of the Grand Commonwealth for many years and was founded on August 23rd, 2001. Its removal from the MCS map was much later than the nation's actual inactivity, and much of Aerlig's fame for the last years of the Republic came from its hosting the MX2 bank, for many years the unofficial economic system of the entire Micran Sector. Aerlig was founded by Mike Phyle an ex-Cyberian. Aerlig was the oldest continuous non-Ezboard English micronation that did not claim real territory, first using Ikonboard and then moving on to Invision Power Board. Aerlig was kept alive during 2001-03 through the work of three key citizens- Lachlan Powers, Jouker Sendler and Subhadip Sen. Subhadip left in 2003, but Jouker and Lachlan remained citizens, with Lachlan the last Protector of the Republic. Its being one of the founding members of the Grand Commonwealth in April 2005 is perhaps why Aerlig has become well-known in micronational history. Aerlig died with many other Grand Commonwealth nations after the destruction of the GSO mapping organisation, to which the Grand Commonwealth as a whole moved in 2007.

The Republic was divided into four states; Auelrict, West Overbrook, Duras and the April Islands. The Parliament of the Republic gave the states some powers over their own internal affairs, though were able revoke this power at any time as was illustrated in the April Islands debacle of early 2005. Aerlig was made up of a number of islands. It was split into two distinct sections; the Auelrict islands in the Southern Sea and the main Aerlig archepeligo in the northern basin near fellow Grand Commonwealth nations Babkha, Treesia and Karnali.

Aerlig also hosted the headquaters of the intermicronational media firm MZM and sports empire EIFA.

Government Structure

Aerlig had a unicameral Parliament. When there were less than five citizens, the Parliament was made up of all of the active citizens in the nation. When the number of active citizens increased above the five-citizen threshold, elections were called. The Head of the Parliament was the Prime Minister, who was appointed by the Protector. The Protector appointed the Member of Parliament who had the support of the largest portion of the Parliament. The Prime Minister appointed Ministers to help carry out the tasks of Government. The Protector therefore served as the Head of State in the Republic. The last Protector of Aerlig was the Honourable Lachlan Powers, MP.

The Parliament met at Statesman House in Adelwin, Aerlig.