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Calbain Revolt

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Calbain Revolt
Calbain Revolt.jpg
Calbain soldiers shooting at a squadron of Raven fighter jets
Date IX-X.1600
Location Calbion
Result Revolt crushed, collapse of the Calbain state
Calbion flag.png
Flag Jingdao.png
Jingdaoese Empire
Commanders and leaders
Calbion flag.png
Prince Jack I
Calbion flag.png
William Nelson ✝
Flag Jingdao.png
The Ci Emperor
Units involved
Calbion flag.png
Llynges Calbain
Calbion flag.png
Sovereign Army of the Calbain
Flag Jingdao.png
Imperial Airforce
Flag Jingdao.png
Imperial Army
Calbion flag.png
31.000 men
Flag Jingdao.png
ca. 350 fighting jets, unnamed number of drones
Casualties and losses
over 20.000 civilians 12 airplanes lost

The Calbain Revolt was a popular uprising and subsequent war in Calbion between Calbain nationalists and the Jingdaoese government. The war began as a series of tensions and escalations between the Calbain leadership and the government of Southbatavia, which was in its transition to become the Empire of Jingdao. The Calbain rebel forces found themselves outnumbered against the Jingdaoese army. An indiscriminate bombing campaign by the Jingdaoese airforce caused widespread death and devastation. The unsuccesful revolt resulted in the collapse of the Calbain government, the death of Governor-General William Nelson and the collapse of the Calbain state until its reconstruction eight years later.


Several incidents occured however which created a schism between Calbion and the South Batavian government. The first incident was the establishment of a rocket launching site. The Emperor wanted to build a rocketbase on the isle of Faenor, but the local residents objected strongly to these plans. Mounford was unable to prevent the building of this site and had to settle for an aircraft base which also included the rocket facility.

The second incident was the raid of a Natopian trading ship and of a Natopian holiday facility for homosexuals by the Calbain pirate Callaghan. The cruelty which the pirate displayed towards his victims led to a diplomatic crisis between Calbion and Natopia. This was only enlargened by the crash of a Natopian airplane on the Central Square in Pentyre immediately after.

Calbain Rebellion

No longer wishing to submit to the rule of the despotic Empress Sisera, The Calbain rose up in a rebellion against the South Batavians, now known as Jingdao. Jack de Montfort formally declared independence, and ordered the arrest of the Jingdaoese ambassador Radboud de Saks and several military officers. Empress Sisera reacted by attacking Calbion using weapons of mass destruction. By doing so, she ended up destroying the major cities in the country. The civilian death toll was significant. In the years that followed, some Maraguans attempted to reinstate their government, which was briefly successful in the South. Meanwhile, the Calbain regrouped and rebuilt most of the country. However, the lesson of the failed war of independence taught the Calbain that they needed to form alliances with other states in order to survive.