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Richard ab Ioan

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Richard ab Ioan
Richard ab Ioan.jpg
Full name Richard ab Ioan
AKA The Priest
Physical information
Species Human
Race Calbain
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Ioan ab Richard
Mother Carolina de Maer
Date of birth 1641
Place of birth Pentyre, Calbion
Residence(s) Pentyre
Nationality Calbain
Allegiance(s) Realist Faction (1670 - to date)
Occupation Leader of the Opposition

Richard ab Ioan is a Calbain politician and priest in the Calbain Church, who served as Governor-General from 1688 until 1696.

A staunch traditionalist, ab Ioan was chosen the leader of the Realist faction in 1687, and started out with strong opposition against the Nationalist faction, which had been troubled by internal division. In the 1688 elections, the Realist faction won in a landslide, and the first undisputed Realist government since 1651 was formed. Richard ab Ioan promised a return to traditional values, an end to liberalism and internationalism, an isolationist foreign policy and an extension of the rights for the non-Calbain population.

Ab Ioan reversed his course on isolationism with the policy of Agoriad, which opened relations with non-aligned nations on Micras. At the same time, his government supported Anti-Raspur movements across Micras, notably the Republican forces in the Second Elwynnese Civil War. The first ab Ioan government came to an end following the dismissal of Evyn Drakeford and the Ynysig Movement from the High Council. The Realist faction became again the largest in the 1693 elections, but lost an overall majority. With support from the United Workers Alliance, the Realist government could continue and ab Ioan remained Governor-General.

The Realist faction lost dramatically in the 1696 snap elections, called after the Calbain involvement in the detonation of nuclear weapons during the civil conflict in Elwynn. Nationalist Cadwaladr Bevan-Hall succeeded ab Ioan as Governor-General.

Preceded by:
Evyn Drakeford
Governor-General of Calbion
1688 – 1696
Succeeded by
Cadwaladr Bevan-Hall