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Cynulliad Cenedlaethol election, 1688

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Cynulliad Cenedlaethol elections, 1688
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1685 ←
→ 1693

All 198 seats to the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol
99 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Richard ab Ioan.jpg Nationalist leader.png Martins.jpg
Leader Richard ab Ioan George Kingsbane Tobias Martins
Party Realist Faction Nationalist Faction Regionalist and Minority Faction
Leader since 1687 1688 1685
Leader's seat Llewin Creicdyn Llysthur East
Last election 71 114 13
Seats won 109 67 22
Seat change 38 47 9
Popular vote 3,102,799 2,240,910 710,302
Percentage 52% 35% 13%

1688 Results.png

Governor-General before election

Evyn Drakeford (Nationalist)

Subsequent Governor-General

Richard ab Ioan (Realist)

The Cynulliad Cenedlaethol election of 1688 were the elections for the unicameral parliament of Calbion. The election was the first following the expansion of the nation, also known as Ynysoedd Unedig, which was approved by the Assembly in 1686 against the wishes of Governor-General Evyn Drakeford. Following this political defeat, the Drakeford government became unable to control the Nationalist faction in the assembly, resulting in a lack of confidence and early elections in 1688. In addition, the international community became increasingly hostile to the independent Calbain state, which saw Calbion becoming more and more isolated in the Raspur-, and USSO-dominated power play. Several prominent liberal members of the Nationalist Faction convened shortly one week after the fall of the government, and announced that they would back the young liberal George Kingsbane for Governor-General. Upon this announcement, Drakeford immediately left the faction, and announced the formation of the Ynysig Movement, a traditionalist nationalist movement that promotes isolationist, traditionalist and autarkic policies. He was followed by 24 Nationalist assembly members. In a political upset, Evyn Drakeford declared that the Ynysig Movement would back the Realist candidate, Richard ab Ioan in the elections.

Partly because the internal fight and fracture, the Nationalists lost a lot of support. In addition, the expansion of Calbion's territory also meant that the political power balance shifted. Kilkelly and the Western islands were a lot more conservative and traditionalist than the nationalist stronghold of Calbion. During Arcadian occupation, the Conservative movement that became part of the Realist coalition had governed with a massive majority. It was this that had caused Drakeford to take position against the Ynysoedd Unedig plan. As a result of this change in political balance, the elections resulted in the biggest defeat for the nationalists ever in Calbion's history.


Faction Votes Seats 1685 Seats 1688 Change
Realist 3,102,799 71 109 +38
Nationalist 2,240,910 114 67 -47
Regionalist and Minority 710,302 13 22 +9

Results per Talaith

Armoria Aerys Cybwlach Kilkelly Ura'Byach Ynyshir Ynys y Calbain
Realist 15 8 4 37 0 15 30
Nationalist 5 6 9 7 0 5 35
Regionalist and Minority 2 0 3 4 2 0 11
Total 22 14 16 48 2 20 76