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Evyn Drakeford

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Evyn Drakeford
Full name Evyn ab Llywelyn Drakeford
AKA Lord Drakeford
Physical information
Species Human
Race Calbain
Gender Male
Hair color and style Dark brown
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Llywelyn Drakeford
Mother Aya Lewis
Date of birth 1649
Place of birth Caerathon, Calbion
Residence(s) Pentyre
Nationality Calbain
Allegiance(s) Calbain Nationalist faction (1668 - 1688)
Ynysig Movement (1688 - to date)
Occupation Leader of the Ynysig Movement
Member of the Cyunlliad Cenedlaethol

Evyn ab Llywelyn Drakeford is a Calbain nationalist leader and author, who served as the Governor-General of Calbion since its independence from Arcadia in 1685 until 1688. Drakeford was previously active in the Calbain nationalist resistance, which sought to overthrow not only the Arcadian occupation, but also the collaborative Calbain government that was formed by several parties who formed the "Realist" alliance.

Drakeford strongly opposed the expansion of the Calbain nation, also known as Ynysoedd Unedig, which was approved by the Assembly in 1686 against his wishes. Following this political defeat, the Drakeford government became unable to control the Nationalist faction in the assembly, resulting in a lack of confidence and early elections in 1688. In addition, the international community became increasingly hostile to the independent Calbain state, which saw Calbion becoming more and more isolated in the Raspur-, and USSO-dominated power play. Several prominent liberal members of the Nationalist Faction convened shortly one week after the fall of the government, and announced that they would back the young liberal George Kingsbane for Governor-General. Upon this announcement, Drakeford immediately left the faction, and announced the formation of the Ynysig Movement, a traditionalist nationalist movement that promotes isolationist, traditionalist and autarkic policies. He was followed by 24 Nationalist assembly members. In a political upset, Evyn Drakeford declared that the Ynysig Movement would back the Realist candidate, Richard ab Ioan in the elections. The Realist faction won a landslide in the 1688 elections. Following the election, Drakeford was named High Councillor for Home Affairs in the ab Ioan government. He was dismissed in 1692, causing political instability and new elections. Drakeford's Ynysig Movement managed to win 12 seats in the 1693 elections, in which they ran a populist, fiercely nationalist and anti-establishment campaign.

Preceded by:
Mackenzie Ó Gallchobhai
Huw Griffin
Governor-General of Calbion
1685 – 1688
Succeeded by
Richard ab Ioan