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Prince of the Calbain

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Prince of the Calbain
Tywysog y Calbain
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Llywelyn I
Arthur I
Llywelyn II
Arthur II
Jack I
Jack II
Arthur III

The Prince of the Calbain (Calbic: Tywysog y Calbain) is the title for the ruler of the Calbain people. The Prince of the Calbain is the ceremonial head of state of Calbion and, although the office holds little power, is considered the father of the nation.

The current prince is Deiniol (since 1730).


The position of the Prince of the Calbain originated in the 15th century in the period of Calbain tribes. Originally an elected tribal position, the Prince of the Calbain developed quickly into an inherited position. In the late tribal years, and the early years of the Calbain state, the Prince of the Calbain was an absolutist ruler. Following the 1630s, the role of the Prince became more ceremonial, with its political powers being limited by the rising importance of the Governor-General.

Role in Calbain society

The Prince of the Calbain used to have a position of significant political power until the death of Jack I. The successive Princes saw their political role become highly limited, especially following the democratic reforms and the institutionalisation of the elected Cynulliad Cenedlaethol and the High Council. Currently, the Prince of the Calbain is a mainly symbolic office, representing national unity and transcending political differences. As such, the office of Prince is widely regarded in a positive light by the Calbain people.


Upon the death of their predecessor, the designated Prince of the Calbain first undergoes a traditional ritual which is known as the investiture. In this highly religiously significant ceremony, the future Prince is stripped of all his former titles, offices and possessions, only to emerge as the symbolic leader of the Calbain people, to whom his life and work is to be dedicated going forward.

List of Princes of the Calbain

No. Portrait Regnal name Epithet Reign (in AN) Dynasty Era Notes
1. OwainI.jpg Owain The Great 1492-1520 Gwynnedd First Era First Prince of the Calbain in recorded history, assumed the title immediately following the Fall of Jasonia.
2. Laclan II.jpg Llywelyn I Y Cyntaf 1520-1524 Gwynnedd First Era Attempted to resist the Matbaaic colonisation, worked with the Britannic forces on Kilkelly.
3. Arthur I.jpg Arthur I The Martyr 1524-1530 Gwynnedd First Era Crucified by the Matbaaic government after a failed rebellion
4. Llywelyn VI.jpg Llywelyn II Tad y Genedl 1530-1544 Gwynnedd (until 1539)
Llyweldûr (from 1539)
Second Era Led a succesful uprising against the Matbaans in 1539, installed Calbain rule for three years until the War of Jeremy's Nose resulted in Batavian colonisation of the islands.
5. David I.jpg Arthur II The Judge 1544-1561 Llyweldûr Second Era Founder of Llysthur, originally a fortified neighborhood of Enhasa. Worked together with the Nelagan government. Established a court system that is still the basis of Calbain law.
6. Lewis II.jpg Laclan The Silent 1561-1565 Llyweldûr Second Era Had very little power and attempted to keep the Calbain spirit alive by writing several historical works.
7. Llywelyn V.jpg Dawydd The Last 1565-1569 Llyweldûr Second Era Last Prince of the Calbain until the restoration.
8. JackI.jpg Jack I The Good 1597-1600, 1608-1628 de Montfort Third Era Of South Batavian descend, oversaw the re-establishment of Calbion. In exile from 1600 to 1608 following the unsuccesful revolt. Established the modern Calbain state.
9. JackII.jpg Jack II O'r Gwaed 1630-1690 Sherrinford-de Montfort Third Era Following the death of Jack I during a voyage to the Calbain colonies in Corum, a search ensued to find a living relative. Having never married, Jack I did not leave an issue, and his close family had been purged following the independence war. After a search that lasted almost two years, a distant cousin was found in a noble family in Kilkelly that was of shared Britannic and Batavian heritage. Longest reigning Prince of the Calbain in history.
10. Prince Arthur III.jpg Arthur III 1690–1730 Sherrinford-de Montfort Third Era
11. Deiniol.png Deiniol 1730–current Verion de Montfort Third Era