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Llywelyn II

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Llywelyn II
Prince of the Calbain
Llywelyn VI.jpg
Reign 1530-1544
Predecessor Arthur I
Successor Arthur II
Governor-Generals none

Consort Elynne ab Ioanudd
Issue Arthur Llyweldûr
Cynn Ashay Hww

Name Llywelyn ab Arthur ab Gwynnedd
Father Arthur I
Mother Catrin Mackay
Born II.1500
Pentyre, Calbion
Died XI.1544
Pentyre, Calbion
Prince of the Calbain
Calbion coat of arms.png
Llywelyn I
Arthur I
Llywelyn II
Arthur II
Jack I
Jack II
Arthur III

Llywelyn II was Prince of the Calbain in Penwlad from 1530 to 1544. He was Prince during the late Matbaaic period, and rallied the Calbain tribes to rise up in a rebellion, which resulted in the capture of Lloran in 1539, which coincided with the collapse of Matbaa. Llwelyn II continues to be regarded as one of Calbion's biggest heroes.