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Arthur III

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Arthur III
Prince of the Calbain
Prince Arthur III.jpg
Reign 1690 - incumbent
Predecessor Jack II
Successor none
Governor-Generals Richard ab Ioan
Cadwaladr Bevan-Hall

Consort Eirian ab Harwyn
Issue Llywelyn Jack Charles, Ida Lysanna

Name Arthur Owain James Sherrinford-de Montfort
Father Prince Jack II
Mother Lysanna Griffith
Born VI.1645
Pentyre, Calbion
Died N.A.
Prince of the Calbain
Calbion coat of arms.png
Llywelyn I
Arthur I
Llywelyn II
Arthur II
Jack I
Jack II
Arthur III

Arthur Owain James, also known under his regnal name Arthur III is the Prince of the Calbain since 1690. Arthur is the only son and was the heir-apparent of Prince Jack II of Calbion. Since 1703, he is Emperor of Andilar.

Early Years

Born in 1645, Arthur was the longest heir-in-waiting in Calbain history. Some years after his birth, a political discussion arose on the issue of Male-preference primogeniture. The Nationalist faction of Llywelyn Lewis, supposedly on behalf of Prince Jack himself, advocated for a move toward agnatic primogeniture. However, the Euran War, Jingdaoese occupation and subsequent exile of the Calbain government meant that the law of Princely descend did not change. Arthur's oldest sister, Brienne Alexandra, the Duchess of Kilkelly, has claimed on several occasions to have no interest in challenging her younger brother's claim to the throne.


Following the death of his father, Arthur became Prince of the Calbain and was invested in an ancient ceremony in the Catodral of Pentyre. Arthur's first decade as Prince was characterised by his withdrawal from the political arena. During the tumultuous political fights of the 1680s and 1690s, the Prince positioned himself as the non-political symbol of the Calbain people. This gained him significant popularity among the people.

Preceded by:
Jack II
Prince of the Calbain
1690 – current
Succeeded by