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Jack II

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Jack II
Prince of the Calbain
Reign 1630 - 1690
Predecessor Jack I
Successor Arthur III
Governor-Generals Llywelyn Lewis
Mackenzie Ó Gallchobhai
Huw Griffin
Evyn Drakeford
Richard ab Ioan

Consort Lysanna Griffith
Issue Brienne Alexandra
Arwen May
Arthur Owain James

Name James Hawney Sherrinford-de Montfort
Father Charles Sherrinford-de Montfort
Mother Georgina DeMendt
Born III.1612
's Koningenwaarde, Batavia
Died XII.1690 (age 78)
Porth Aerys, Calbion
Prince of the Calbain
Calbion coat of arms.png
Llywelyn I
Arthur I
Llywelyn II
Arthur II
Jack I
Jack II
Arthur III

Jack II was the longest reigning Prince of the Calbain and head of state of Calbion. As the last living relative of former Prince Jack I, he was invested as Prince in 1630. His investiture took place almost two years after the death of the previous prince and followed a nationwide search for relatives. James Hawney Sherrinford-de Montfort, the Prince's birthname, was a scion of two prominent Brettish-Batavian families from the Brettish Isles. In the male lineage, Jack II is a a distant cousin of Jack I. He moved to Kilkelly during the Brettish protectorate, where his family lived. At age 18, he became Prince of the Calbain. The majority of his rule (from 1649 to 1685), Jack II has lived in exile on the Skerry isles. For a while, the title of Prince of the Calbain was usurped by the House of Vinandy who ruled Calbion as part of Arcadia. Upon the independence of Calbion in 1685, Jack II returned to Pentyre.

Prince Jack II married Lysanna Griffith in 1641, together they had two daughters, Brienne and Arwen, and one son, the designated heir, Arthur. The Prince was the longest reigning Prince of the Calbain, having ruled for 60 years and seven months since his investiture. A large period of his reign has been in exile, but in 1688, Jack II also became the Prince to hold court in Pentyre for the longest period of time. In late 1690, Prince Jack II died of a heart attack in his sleep while staying at the winter residence in Porth Aerys. Following his death, a period of mourning was announced by Governor-General Richard ab Ioan for 10 days. The Prince was cremated in traditional Calbain fashion, and his ashes were placed in the Crypt of the Pentyre Catodral.

Preceded by:
Jack I
Prince of the Calbain
1630 – 1690
Succeeded by
Arthur III