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Prince of the Calbain
Reign 1730–
Predecessor Arthur III
Governor-Generals Hugo Lewis-Dreicdyn


Name Daniel Torismonion Verion de Montfort
Father Torismundo Verion de Montfort
Mother Yuka McLoughlin-Filwick Briand
Born 5.V.1698
Minas Aullarion, Icefire, Cimmeria
Prince of the Calbain
Calbion coat of arms.png
Llywelyn I
Arthur I
Llywelyn II
Arthur II
Jack I
Jack II
Arthur III

Deiniol is the current Prince of the Calbain and Senator of the Lakes.


Daniel's family history is a tapestry woven with threads of religious affiliation, political alliances, and tragic loss. His mother, Yuka McLoughlin-Filwick Briand, was a devout follower of the Icebearist faith and served as a Minister of War in the government of the self-proclaimed "Free Elwynn."

His father, Torismundo, and Torismundo's sister Mariana, made a deliberate choice to embrace their Verionist heritage by adopting the surname Verion de Montfort when they settled in Free Elwynn during the Second Elwynnese Civil War.

Torismundo and Yuka met in Cimmeria during the early days of Free Elwynn. Their union was not merely a personal matter but also a strategic alliance orchestrated by the Verionist elite to solidify the bond between the Icebearists and Verionists in the region.

In 1698, Daniel was born in Minas Aullarion, on the Cimmerian island of Icefire. Dainel was named in homage to the late Prince Daniel Kalirion of Elwynn, with the Elw patronymic Torismonion bestowed upon him. His older sister by two years, Mari, was named after Duchess Mari Greenwood.

Tragedy struck the family two weeks after Daniel's birth, as his father fell victim to Humanist assassins, leaving Yuka a widow. Yuka met the demise the following year. In the wake of this tragedy, Daniel and Mari found refuge in Hurmu under the care of their aunt Mariana, who nurtured and raised them as her own.

Growing up in Hurmu, Daniel was immersed in a multicultural environment, speaking Istvanistani at home, and mastering native-level Hurmu Norse and Lakkvian in his schooling. He also dedicated himself to learning Elw through additional lessons.

The course of Daniel's life took an unexpected turn in 1710 when he learned of his potential claim to the Calbain throne. This year, Prince Arthur III's only son Llewelyn died, he learnt that his grandfather Jehosephat de Montfort would be next in line to suceed to the Calbain throne. Even though they were distant cousins, Jehosephat was the closest male-line relative eligible to suceed. Knowing that he would likely have to take the reigns of government of Calbion at some point in his life, Daniel, as the next male-line successor, began delving into the intricacies of the Calbain language and culture. Despite his efforts, tensions with Calbain Prince Arthur III hindered his pursuits, and he was barred from studying in Calbain. He was, however, allowed to visit Calbion on a few occasions. Arthur and Daniel met only once, and Arthur immediately decided he disliked Daniel, most likely because he suspected Daniel was gay.

Daniel opted to continue his education in Hurmu, enrolling in the Peace Academy. Upon graduating in 1723, he accepted a commission as an officer in the reserves, allowing him to focus on his studies. His academic journey led him to pursue a master's degree in international law, followed by doctoral studies culminating in a dissertation exploring Calbain diplomacy and its impact on law and public life. By the time of Prince Arthur III's suicide on 16.XIII.1730, Daniel was a junior researcher at the University of Huyenkula and taught the basics of international law to first-year Peace Academy students.

The first acts of his reign was to go to Calbion and oversee the transfer of power, and plan for Arthur's funeral together with Arthur's surviving daughter Ida Lysanna. The state funeral took place on 1.XIV.1730, followed by Deiniol's investiture the following day. The investiture followed the similar order as the Investiture of Jack II.

After Lady Laegel gave birth to a son on 11.XIV.1730 AN, she decided to leave the Senate. Due to the ascension of her Verion cousin to the throne of Calbion, she gifted her senate seat to him. The gift was conditional on certain secret clauses that Daniel had accepted.

Daniel Torismonion Verion de Montford
Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 12.XIV.1730 AN (1 AN year)
Senate(s) XII
Faction Verionist
Physical description
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Preceded by:
Arthur III
Prince of the Calbain
Succeeded by