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State funeral of Prince Arthur III

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The state funeral of Prince Arthur III occurred on 1.XIV.1730 following the death of Prince Arthur III on 16.XIII.1730.

The funeral took place in Saint Julian's Cathedral in Pentyre according to the rites of the Calbain Church. Grand Master Huw Macklemore presided over the funeral.

In attendance

Among the many dignitaries attending, a few are mentioned here:


  • Eirian ab Harwyn, Princess Dowager of the Calbain, widow of Prince Arthur III
  • Lady Ida Lysanna, daughter of Prince Arthur III
  • Lady Arwen May Sherrinford-de Montfort, sister of Prince Arthur III
  • Hildebrand, Layla, Tomás, and Claudius Ludovicion Verion Sherrinford-de Montfort, nephews and niece of Prince Arthur III

The new Prince and his family


Foreign dignitaries

Dignitaries from the following countries were invited: