War of Jeremy's Nose

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The War of Jeremy's Nose (1539-1542) was a war between the Kingdom of Bosworth and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth which took place in the First Froyalanish Era of Elwynn. It resulted in a crushing defeat for Bosworth - including the deposition of the King of Bosworth by Duke Harald of Froyalan, who also was the Duke of Gascony and Premier Peer of Bosworth, and the seating of Kaiser Hasan I on the Throne of Bosworth by the same - but the magnanimity of the Kaiser permitted Bosworth a return to status quo ante bellum following a comparatively brief occupation. The effects upon Bosworth were nonetheless cataclysmic and a profound resentment of Shireroth persists amongst the Nova English to this very day on account of it.

Course of the war

An attempt to expand the Shirerithian Empire turned ugly when a Shirerithian fleet sent to drive Britannic forces off Redoubt Island was fired upon by the forces of Bosworth, an ally of Britannia.

The attack set off a war across Benacia and the Great Wesern Sea. On one side was Bosworth and its ally, Nova England. On the other was Shireroth and its ally, Batavia. Shireroth and Batavia won a quick victory over the Duchy of Gascony, a Bosworth colony on Benacia, and took control of the territory. Gascony was divided into a series of occupation zones, with Batavia getting the southern part and the various Shirerithian divisions, especially the Atterock forces led by Mel'Kat, dividing up the north. The west was given to a Shirerithian puppet regime, the Gascon communists under Dennis Moore, and patrolled by the formidable Elwynnbrigaden. The island of St. Jean, around the center, was occupied by the Shirerithian county of Hyperborea. A group led by a Nova English commando named Richard continued to make trouble in the Shireroth-occupied region, but his forces were gradually whittled down by the Khan's patrols.

With the death of Edward, the King of Bosworth, resistance collapsed, and Bosworth formally surrendered to Shireroth. Shireroth received poorly-defined powers over Bosworthian affairs; however, the new king, Dominique, repudiated the treaty. Kaiser Hasan declared himself King of Bosworth, causing several foreign nations to protest. Bosworth denied the move, and the status of the peace treaty between Bosworth and Shireroth became in doubt. Around this point, Antica, a friend of Shireroth's, sent a fleet to Gascony to aid in any trouble there.

Richard's guerrilla activities ceased when Mel'Kat, head of the Atterock forces, made a gentlemen's agreement with him to accommodate him and his people in exchange for peace. With Benacia pacified, action continued only in the east, where Interland attacked the Bosworthian capital of Shrewsbury. The Hyperboreans launched a raid on the Britannic colony of Darwin, hoping to find evidence that the Britons were illegally aiding Bosworth, but failed to do anything besides embarrass themselves. With Shrewsbury successfully defending itself from the Interlanders, and international condemnation of Hasan's occupation growing, the Shirerithians started a second round of negotiations with Bosworth's new king, Wentworth. The results were a second, more robust peace treaty, the Khan-Bellamy Accords, in which Shireroth promised to withdraw from the majority of occupied Gascony by 12.XV.1541, and from the Isle St. Jean on 01.I.1541. Shireroth's allies Batavia began negotiating a similar document.


Nova English Perspective

Following the initial flashpoint and subsequent escalation around Redoubt Island. The Nova English Government quickly pledged its support of the Kingdom of Bosworth as part of its Britannic First foreign policy. An expeditionary force led by the flagship aircraft carrier Arcavirr was dispatched to Gascony where it encountered a significantly larger Shirerithian force.

Despite ferocious resistance by the Nova English Navy, the expeditionary force was defeated with the HMNS Arcavirr being sunk. The brief battle resulted in the largest loss of naval ships and personnel that the Nova English Navy had encountered in the modern era. Survivors were evacuated to land where they conducted a guerrilla campaign against the communist puppet government, Shirerithian Imperial Forces and Chelkran mercenaries.

Eventually as the torrent of hostile forces swarmed into the region, the Nova English forces were forced to enter into negotiations with sympathetic officers within the Shirerithian military. This resulted in their safe return to Nova England and cessation of hostilities by Nova England.

The devastating naval loss and subsequent abandonment of the Britannics in Gascon resulted in an increase in anti-shirerithian resentment within the population. This carried over following the Evacuations and the Collapse, as the Provisional Witan pushed hardline anti-Shirerithian policies to counteract Shireroth’s aggressive and expansionist campaigns.