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Ynys y Calbain

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Ynys y Calbain
Talaith of Calbion
Flag of Ynys y Calbain
Coat of arms of Ynys y Calbain
Coat of arms

Ynys y Calbain outline.png
Location of Ynys y Calbain

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Subdivision Talaith
Capital Pentyre
Largest cities Llysthur, Porth Edward, Caerathon
Governor-General of Calbion Richard ab Ioan
Legislature No devolved legislature
Area 339,821 km2
 - Ranked 2nd
Population 5,207,329
 - Ranked 1st
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Established 1597
Official languages Calbic
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Seats in the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol {{{seats}}}
Time Zone CMT-7

Calbion coat of arms.png

The Ynys y Calbain (Island of the Calbain) is the second largest island in the Aeronesian Archipelago and the most important Talaith of Calbion. The island is not only the most populated part of the Calbain nation, it is also the historical homeland and the place of origin of the Calbain people. Because of its identification with the wider nation of Calbion, it was long not considered a province at all and still does not have a local government. Due to administrative practicalities however, the Ynys y Calbain became an official talaith of Calbion in the 1660s. The Governor-General of Calbion also takes up functions that could be regarded as duties of the governor of a talaith.