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Talaith of Calbion
Flag of Armoria
Coat of arms of Armoria
Coat of arms

Armoria Outline.png
Location of Armoria

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Subdivision Talaith
Capital Dinas Armoria
Largest cities Abrych, Tarroch
Llywodraethwr Alan Ioath
Legislature Cynnulliad y Armoria
Area 94,059 km2
 - Ranked 5th
Population 1,090,325
 - Ranked 3rd
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Established 1597
Official languages Calbic
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Seats in the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol {{{seats}}}
Time Zone CMT-7

Calbion coat of arms.png

Armoria, also known as y Faenor is one of the three talaith of Calbion. It composes the northernmost island of the Calbain nation. As the island is relatively close to the equator, and has a warm climate. As such, the island is also known as the summerisle. Due to being the location of first windfall in the Central Sea, the island of Armoria is frequently plagued by tropical storms.

During the Jasonian era, Armoria was established as a hotspot for military activity, and this continues to this day.