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National symbols of Calbion

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The national symbols of Calbion are the symbols used in Calbion and abroad to represent the nation and its people. The country has a number of national symbols. None of the national symbols of the nation are defined by law but have become part of the national conciousness over the years.

List of symbols

Symbol File Description
National Flag Calbion flag.png
Flag of Calbion
The flag of Calbion consists of a Blue Saltire on a white field, featuring as a charge the Coat of Arms of Calbion. The flag dates back to the foundation of Calbion as an independent state.
Coat of Arms CalbainArms2.png
Coat of arms of Calbion
The Coat of Arms of Calbion is one of the oldest known symbols of the Calbain nation. The Coat of Arms has a golden colour (gold having cultural significance in the Calbain culture) and features the Black Dragon of Calbion, a mythical creature that has been Calbion's symbol for hundreds of years.
National Calendar
Calendr y Calbain
Calbion uses a special calendar, based on the Southbatavian calendar. A year (blwyddyn) is divided into seven months. Calbain count from the arrival of Jack Mounford (Jack I) and the establishment of Calbion as a sovereign political entity (January 14, 2013 on the Gregorian Calendar). Years before this moment are referred to with Cyn Dyfodiad (CD), years after this moment are Ôl Dyfodiad (ÔD).
National Anthem
"Calbion, fy Gwlad y Adra"
Calon Lân
Calbion has no official national anthem, but two songs have historical status and are often played on state occasions. These songs are Calbion, fy Gwlad y Adra, which was specifically designed as a national anthem after the ascension of Jack I; and Calon Lân, a traditional popular hymn.
Motto Cyfiawnder a Chryfder
(Justice and Strength)
The Calbain motto is a quotation of King Llywelyn I, in his adress to the people after his proclamation of King of Penwlad.
National language Calbic The most widely spoken languages of Calbion are Calbic and Istvanistani, however, only Calbic has an official status in the entire country, it's the traditional language of the Calbain people and the only one that has cultural significance.
People Saint Edward.jpg
Saint Edward
Saint Edward is an important figure in Calbain Catologian myth, he is said to have brought Catologism to Calbion even prior to the arrival of the South Batavians.
Jack I
Jack I, also called "father of modern Calbion" is credited with saving the Calbain nation from cultural and ethnical extinction when he arrived in the nation and re-instated Calbain tradition.
National tree Copper Beech.jpg
Copper Beech
National animal BlackDragon.jpg
Black Dragon of Calbion
The Black Dragon of Calbion is a mythical and legendary creature from Calbain folklore, the dragon is a national symbol of Calbion and is often referred to.
National dress BreechesCAL.jpg
A Braccae is a pair of woolen trousers, historically worn by the Calbain people. Currently, Braccae are still a popular piece of clothing, mainly in rural areas.
National sport Football image.png
Rugby Union.jpg
Rugby Union
National liquor Whisky.jpg
National dish Lambmutton.jpg
Mutton stew