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Talaith of Calbion

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Flag Talaith Capital Population Area in km2 Llywodraethwr Established Notes
Armoria Flag.png Armoria Armoria 1,090,325 94,059 km2 Alan Ioath 1597 Also known as Y Faenor, after the distinctive white Governor's mansion
Aerys flag.png Aerys Aerys 691,240 116,059 km2 Harlan Wylter 1686 .
Kilkelly Flag New.png Kilkelly Dinas Kilkelly 2,352,841 181,271 km2 Siobhan Griffith 1597
Ura'Byach flag.png Ura'Byach Solwch 85,341 39.323 km2 Gwain MacReady 1686
Cybwlach flag.png Ynyshir Halwrach 1,004,920 83,924 km2 James Laclan 1686
Ynys y Calbain Flag.png Ynys y Calbain Pentyre 3,710,192 352,654 km2 Sean Lewis 1596 Also known as Calbion isle, or simply Calbion, Ynys y Calbain is the core Talaith of Calbion