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Principality of Cybwlach
Tywysogaeth Cybwlach
Autonomous Region of Calbion
Cybwlach photomontage
Coat of Arms of Cybwlach
Coat of Arms of Cybwlach
Motto: Y Lan Beryglus
Location of Cybwlach
Map versions 17.0.6 - current
Country Calbion
Established 1686
Government Government
 • Prince Llywelyn I
 • Legislature Cynnulliad y Cybwlach
 • Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Constituency none
Area 563,042 km2
Population 1,836,430
Demonym Cybwlach
Time zone(s) CMT-8

The Principality of Cybwlach (Calbic: Tywysogaeth Cybwlach), also referred to frequently as Calbain Cibola is an autonomous region with special status of Calbion, which is located on the Northern coast of the continent of Cibola. It borders the Natopian Cibolan territory to the South East and Sanama's to the North West. Originally a Talaith of Calbion, Cybwlach is now formally an autonomous principality within Calbion, though subjected in practice to the Calbain government. Head of the region is the Prince of Cybwlach, which is currently Prince Llywelyn I, the oldest son of current Prince of the Calbain Arthur III.


The area that is now part of the Principality of Cybwlach was a frequent harbour for Calbain pirates for a century, but was only officially claimed by Calbion following the 1686 Western expansion. Cybwlach continues to be home to many mercantile entrepreneurs. The word Cybwlach is derived from the Calbic word for the Cibolan continent.

Following the official addition to the Calbain territories in 1686, the status of Cybwlach became a contested and divisive political issue. Initially, Cybwlach was the only Talaith of Calbion that was not part of the Aeronesian Archipelago but had the exact same status. The Realist government sought to demote Cybwlach, politically mainly aligned with the nationalist and regionalist factions, to the status of Crown Colony. However, the elections of 1693 saw the Realists just fell short of a majority and entered a confidence-and-supply agreement with the socialists. As part of the deal, the demotion did not go through and a compromise was reached that resulted in the current status.

Military endeavours

Cybwlach is regarded as a crucial region to contain the influence of the Raspur pact on the Cibolan continent. It borders the Natopian region of the Waffle Plains to the East. To the South are the Green Wastes of Inner-Cibola, home to roaming tribes, cults and criminal gangs. Several military bases and fortresses (the Caeroedd) are located on the border with the Green, from where frequent exploratory missions are conducted.