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Football in Senya

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Football in Senya is governed by the Football Association of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya. Football is the most popular sport in Senya in regards to both participation and spectating.


FADESS was accepted as both a member of the FMF and the AEFA in mid-2012, due to the automatic membership rule, granting all new Micras nations a national football team. The first intermicronational fixture contested in Senya was a friendly match between the national side and North Antarctica at Tiga national athletics stadium, which North Antarctica won 3–0. Shortly afterwards, the domestic leagues were formed, with clubs holding public try-outs in search for new players, which received interest from both Senyan and foreign players alike. The Senyan Top League was first held in 2012–13, with the first Senyan champions being Jogasim Revolution FC.
In 2013, Senya participated in FMF World Cup qualification for the first time, placing in second place in their group, narrowly missing out on the finals tournament. Senya went on to host that year's Copa Apollonia, where Senya finished in third place, finishing second in their group before losing on penalties to Novatainia in the semi-final, and ending the tournament in third with a 4–2 victory over Gerenia.
In 2014, Senya secured qualification for the World Cup for the first time, after defeating Tiana 4–1 in their penultimate group game.

Domestic football

The highest domestic league in Senya is the Senyan Top League, which contains eight teams, relegating 1.5 teams per season to the next tier below, named the Senyan Second League. The top three tiers of Senyan football are comprised of one single division of eight teams, and are sometimes referred to collectively as the Professional Leagues. Leagues below this are known collectively as either the Amateur Leagues or Non-League, although the majority of these leagues are in fact semi-professional.
Senya has two main domestic cups, the Kopa Sanya and the Senyan Football League Cup. The Kopa Sanya is the premier tournament and is open to all clubs, whilst the League Cup is only open to teams in the Professional Leagues, and is considered less prestigious.
The Senyan league system accommodates clubs from both Fort Kolgrad and the River Warriors, and although these territories both organise their own cup competitions, Fort Kolgrad and River Warrior clubs compete in Senyan cup competitions, despite the reverse not being true. Zeeburg FC also have the record as being the only non-Senyan club to participate in the Kopa Sanya, when they were invited to participate due to Zeeburg not having a domestic competition at that time.
The strongest clubs in Senya are Jogasim Revolution FC, Kateki Blavisen FK, FK Tiga and Svorgas Scitenhima FK.

Intermicronational football

Senya is represented in intermicronational by the Senya national football team, which is nicknamed the Green Army. The national team play in green and white, and are considered by many both domestically and foreign to be a developing team. Senyan supporters are known to be vocal in their support, and Senya is one of the few Micras nations to employ standing sections at games and allow supporters to light flares, although this practise is only done by the Naldas supporters group.
The national team has been quite successful, finishing third place in the 2013 Copa Apollonia, and qualifying for the 2014 FMF World Cup, however its only current title was a win in the international section fo the 2013 Senyan School International Tournament.
The national team's traditional rivals was Tiana, highlighted by an infamous Challenge Cup final, in which three players were sent-off and there was a lot of fighting between supporters. However, Tiana has now been removed from Micras, and rivalries with nations such as Gerenia, North Antarctica and Safiria have emerged.
The national B team has also played one match, a 1–0 victory over Hurmu B.

Youth football

Youth football in Senya is mainly focused on high schools, with each school hosting a team which competes in the Senyan High School Cup. Magalatska District High School is known for footballing prowess, and is known to scout nationally for good young footballers to attend the school. Senya organises the Senyan School International Tournament, which is aimed at 16 year olds to develop their footballing talent. Teams from across Micras have participated, and the tournament has never produced a Senyan winner.
After the age of 16, players either join various youth academies or go to the Education Centre, where they can practise with professional coaches to hone in their skills. In 2012, an under-18 league was contested, but was discontinued.


Senyan football supporters have a somewhat negative reputation for hooliganism, despite crackdowns by the national association. The problem was highlighted after riots followed a Second League match between Dyas Rangers FC and Spartak Jogasim FC. Several other games have been affected by hooliganism, including flares being thrown onto pitches in several games. However, outside of stadiums hooliganism is rarely seen. From May 2014, flares were prohibited from being taken to youth games, and at most intermicronational fixtures, visiting supporters have been complementary of home supporter's hospitality.
The ban on taking flares to youth games was lifted in June 2015, following lobbying from the Senyan Ultras Network, and the ban being violated in most games it was supposed to be enforced for, with supporters instead being asked to complete a 'pyro-license' with their local fire department. This strategy has proven to be much more successful.

Support of foreign football

Many Senyans enjoy watching other national leagues. The Craitish League 1 and the Tellian Serie A both have a large following. This has mainly been due to Senyan players in these leagues, such as Jack Smith of Eĵars Town FC, Sileman Bɏankarlënœ of Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC and Rödë Vankarlënœ of Vecchiacittà Calcio.
Many Senyans also cheer on other nations when they are not playing Senya. Craitland, Gotzborg and Tellia all have large followings in Senya.