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AFC Heartpool

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AFC Heartpool
AFC heartpool logo.png
Nova England
Heartpool Stadium (40,000)
Mercury Premier League
AFC heartpool kits.png

AFC Heartpool, commonly referred to as Hearts, is a Nova English football club which competes in the Mercury Premier League.


The team was founded in 2006. Nova England was annexed by Mercury in 2012, and the club entered the Mercurian league system. In the 2012 Nova England Cup, Heartpool finished top of the four team group, before defeating West Grinstead FC on penalties in the final. Heartpool missed out on promotion to the Premier League, after losing 3–2 on aggregate to A Kind of Magic in the 2013 Second League play-offs. The following season, the team won the Second League.


First team squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 New Sussex GK Lester Oakden
2 New Sussex DF Clive Austonov
3 New Sussex DF John Mattel
4 New Sussex DF Harley Smith
5 New Sussex DF Harry Bunan
6 New Sussex MF Don Cawley
7 Mercury MF André Rubenfield
8 New Sussex MF Arthur Burr
9 New Sussex FW Michael Manning
10 New Sussex FW Ambrose Wilson
11 New Sussex FW Gerald McGrath
No. Position Player
12 New Sussex GK Wilford Winn
13 New Sussex DF Quincy Paul
14 New Sussex DF Frederick Martin
15 New Sussex MF Percy Campbell
16 New Sussex MF John Rule
17 New Sussex FW Milton Maynard
18 New Sussex DF Mortimer Withers
19 New Sussex MF Ben Maynard
20 New Sussex FW Roland Curtis
21 New Sussex FW Ernie Powlett

Notable former players