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Mercury FA

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Mercury MeFA
Logo of the Mercury FA
Founded 2010
Headquarters Mercury, Mercury
FMF affiliation 2010
EMUFA affiliation 2010
President Joe Foxon

The Mercury Football Association, more commonly referred to as the MeFA, is the governing body for association football and women's association football in Mercury.

The MeFA is responsible for the management of the Mercurian football league system, Mercury FA Cup, MeFA Minor Cup and MeFA Community Cup, as well as the organisation of the national team and women's football national team. The MeFA is a member of the FMF, EMUFA and FMFF, and its President is Joe Foxon.


The Barrington Football Association was founded in 2010 after Barrington's addition to the Micras map. Since then, the Association has been renamed the Wyke Football Association and later the Mercury Football Association.

After becoming the Mercury FA, the national team became more active, and it's young squad caused some surprises in the 2011 World Cup Qualifiers, even managing to qualify for the EMU '11. The MeFA was one of the founding members of the Four Nations league, a format which proved successful in it's inaugural season.

Mercury finished unbeaten in the 2012 World Cup qualifiers.


The MeFA is responsible for the organisation of the following competitions:

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