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List of Mercurian football clubs

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This is a list of all football clubs affiliated to the Mercury FA.

Professional men's teams

Team Division Stadium Founded County Affiliation
A Kind of Magic Second League Highlander Stadium (4,500) 2011 Deacon FA
A Night at the Football Second League The Football Stadium (3,950) 2011 May FA
AFC Heartpool Premier League Heartpool Stadium (40,000) 2006 Nova English FA
Bohemian Rhapsodies Premier League Galileo Ground (23,000) 2010 Mercury County FA
Breakthru FC Third League North Park, Mercury 2012 Mercury County FA
Break Free Athletic Third League Freedom Park, Taylor 2012 Taylor FA
Cook Island Premier League Cook Island Sports Centre (3,000) 2012 Mercury County FA
Dynamo Deacon Premier League Montreaux Road (27,000) 2010 Deacon FA
Flash FC Second League Carr Park (7,500) 2011 Tow Law FA
Halley Comets Third League 2012 Deacon FA
Hammond Rangers Third League 2013 May FA
Innuendo FC Second League Mercury Road (5,250) 2011 Mercury County FA
Kuiper Town FC Second League IJSC Pitch 1 (8,000) 2011 Mercury County FA
Made in Heaven Second League Heaven for Everyone (1,995) 2012 Tow Law FA
May Wanderers Premier League May Road (33,500) 2010 May FA
Mercury Armed Forces FC Second League IJSC Pitch 1 (8,000) 2011 Mercury County FA
Mercury City Premier League Freddie Mercury Memorial Arena (50,000) 2010 Mercury County FA
Mercury Phoenix Third League Cook Island Sports Centre (3,000) 2012 Mercury County FA
Mullen Albion Premier League The Works Ground (15,000) 2011 Deacon FA
Nafferton Town Second League Naffer Road (2,750) 2012 Taylor FA
Olbers' Paradoxes Third League 2012 May FA
One Vision Third League Gimme Fried Chicken Park (1,200) 2012 Taylor FA
Ponthorne Town Third League 2013 Taylor FA
Port Barret FC Premier League Port Barret Stadium (32,000) 2007 Nova English FA
Queen Athletic Premier League Little Wembley (19,860) 2010 Tow Law FA
Show Must Go On Second League Empty Spaces (1,450) 2012 Taylor FA
Soxceter FC Third League 2013 Nova England FA
St John's FC Second League St John's Stadium (25,000) 2006 Nova English FA
Taylor Sporting Club Premier League Taylor Sporting Club (30,000) 2010 Taylor FA
The Red Specials Third League CityBus Stadium (3,000) 2012 May FA
Tow Law FC Premier League Ironworks Road (32,000) 2010 Tow Law FA
West Grinstead FC Premier League West Grinstead National Stadium (55,000) 2006 Nova English FA
Premier League Champion
Mercury FA Cup holder
MeFA Minor Cup holder
Second League Champion
Third League Champion

Women's Teams

Team Stadium
Deacon Dynamite Highlander Stadium (4,500)
Grinstead Girls TBD
Killer Queens Carr Park (7,500)
Maydens The Football Stadium (3,950)
Mercury City Ladies Cook Island Sports Centre (3,000)
St Helen's TBD
Taylor Tigresses Naffer Road (2,750)
Tow Law Lionesses Heaven for Everyone (1,995)