Four Nations

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Four Nations
Countries Gerenia, Jingdao/Zeeburg, Safiria, Senya
Confederation AEFA, CTFA, WMFA
Founded 2011
First season 2011
Number of teams 32
Levels on pyramid 1
League cup(s) Four Nations League Cup
Current champions Mercury May Wanderers
Most championships Mercury May Wanderers
Mercury Tow Law FC (1)

The Peniston Oils Four Nations, commonly shortened to 'the Four Nations', is the highest-level football league in Gerenia, Jingdao/Zeeburg, Safiria and Senya. The league involves thirty-two teams, each playing 12 fixtures, to qualify for the playoffs at the end of the season.


First Half

The thirty-two teams are split into eight divisions of four teams each, consisting of clubs from the same country. Each club plays the others in their division twice (a total of 6 games each).

Second Half

The teams are again split into eight divisions of four teams each, but this time, playing against one team from each other country, and playing teams that finished with a different rank in the first half. The teams play a further 6 games in this division, then the eight division winners advance to the playoffs.


The 8 division winners from the second half of the season enter a knockout cup to determine the league champion. The teams are seeded based on their overall record across the entire season, and play the following matches.

  • 1st v 8th
  • 2nd v 7th
  • 3rd v 6th
  • 4th v 5th

The winners of these quarter finals move to the semi finals, where the highest remaining seed plays the lowest remaining seed, with the two other teams playing each other, with the winners of those games advancing to the final.

Example Bracket

  Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
  1  FC Port Trinity 2  
8  SC Polizei 0  
  1  FC Port Trinity 3  
  4  Ganran Gunnelings 1  
2  Ichizoku Scythers 1 (1)
  7  Ganran Gunnelings 2 (1)  
(Pairings are re-seeded after the first round)   1  FC Port Trinity 0 (0)
  2  Tow Law FC 2 (0)
  3  Tow Law FC 1  
6  Bohemian Rhapsodies 0  
  2  Tow Law FC 1
  3  Pura FC 0  
4  Pura FC 3
  5  Littletron Knights 2  


Year Winners Score Runners-up League Cup Winner
Tow Law FC
FC Port Trinity
May Wanderers
May Wanderers
5–4 (pens)
North Antarctica
Livingston United
North Antarctica
Lokomotiv Capital NAPI

Current Teams