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Official language Batavian, Dutch
Capital Zeeburg
Largest cities Zeeburg, Puthersbergh
Date founded 4 April 2012
Government Bailiwick
Current leader Bailiff Wolfgang Osterwelle
Currency Batavian Kruys

Zeeburgis currently a lordship in the Kingdom of Batavia, it was previously a Batavian protectorate known as the Free State Zeeburg. In its history it has also been a protectorate and a province of Jingdao. The name Zeeburg was first coined by Arne Govaerts in 1587 AN, before that it was an undeveloped part of Batavia.


Tourism is the main source of income on Zeeburg during the summer. Most of the tourists who visit Zeeburg value the relative peace and quiet on its beaches, compared to the beaches on mainland Batavia. Year-round, fishing is another important source of income for the Zeeburgers. The most commonly caught and processed fish are cod, herring and sole.