Wolfgang Osterwelle

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Wolfgang Osterwelle
Full name Wolfgang Osterwelle
AKA Chocotoff Connoisseur
Physical information
Species Human
Race North Cibolan Saxon
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown, slicked back
Eye color Brown
Skin color Pale
Other Mustache
Biographical information
Father Karl Osterwelle
Mother Adelbrecht Osterwelle-Fischer
Date of birth 1625 AN
Place of birth Zeeburg
Date of death 1673
Place of death 's Koningenwaarde
Residence(s) Zeeburg
Nationality Batavian
Allegiance(s) Batavia
Occupation Bailiff of Zeeburg, Member of Parliament

Wolfgang Osterwelle is a Batavian Member of Parliament for the Ultra Royalists, he was previously a member of the Batavian Democratic Alliance. Despite being a member of parliament since 1661 AN, Osterwelle has no notable achievements behind his name. He is mostly known in Batavia for his excessive consumption of chocolate toffees during parliament sessions. While somewhat of a nonentity in national politics, Osterwelle is generally well-liked on Zeeburg, which he governs as bailiff since 1671. His supporters praise his "hands off" style of government, while his opponents call him lazy and uninterested in politics. He is known to be very sociable and is present at virtually all festive activities on the island.

Assassination in the 'Groene Draeck'

In 1666 while visiting the 'Groene Draeck' tavern in 's Koningenwaarde. Wolfgang Osterwelle tried to stop an assassin who tried to murder Gustaaf Vermeylen. Osterwelle was shot in the chest after which the assassin shot again at Vermeylen. Both were considered dead but Osterwelle returned to public life two years later, not willing to explain what had happened in those two years.

'Submission to the Heavenly Light' incident

In 1673 AN Osterwelle caused an uproar when he called in parliament for a renewed submission to the Heavenly Light. After criticism he first weakened his words to say that he did not want the Kingdom of Batavia to submit to Jingdao, but rather thought about moving there himself because he did not see a future on Benacia. When pressed to leave if that was really his conviction, he stated that "moving would also be a bit of a fuss". Reception of the speech in Zeeburg was mild, with most islanders familiar with the way Osterwelle acts: speaking first, thinking later.

Second Assassination

In 1673, a few days after the incident in the parliament, Wolfgang Osterwelle was murdered on his way from the chocolate shop to the train station. He was stopped by a passer-by who claimed to be in need of directions. When Wolfgang approached her, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him in his stomach. Two other assassins appeared and started stabbing him too. Witnesses were told to leave or face the same ordeal. Osterwelle was found dead in an alley the next day and buried on Zeeburg a week later. A police investigation found no suspect for the crime. The Ultraroyalist Party issued a statement blaming the Batavian Intelligence Service for the assassination.