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Mercury national women's football team

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Mercury Mercury
Mercury women's logo.png
Association Mercury FA
Confederation KWFA
Head coach Rosemary Fizeau-Blake
Captain Laila Scott
First intermicronational
Mercury Mercury 3–3 Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq QQQ
Biggest win
Mercury Mercury 9–1 New Sussex New Sussex
Biggest defeat
Mercury Mercury 3–6 Sanpantul Sanpantul
World Championships
Appearances 5 (First in 2015)
Best result Runners-up (2022)

The Mercury national women's football team is the women's football team which represents the micronation of Mercury. It is run by the Mercury FA.


The Mercury national women's team was founded in 2015 with the creation of the FMFF World Championships. The team competed in the inaugural edition, qualifying automatically. Having finished top of their group, Mercury beat Lucerne 5–0 in their quarter-final, before being eliminated on penalties by eventual winners Gerenia and beating Birgeshir 2–1 to finish in third place.

Mercury took part in qualification for the following year's edition, winning all four games to top their group and advance to the finals. The team again finished top of their group, winning all three games to advance to the quarter-finals, where they defeated Hamland 1–0 after extra time. In the semi-finals, Mercury again fell to Gerenia, losing out 1–0 before claiming a second successive third-place finish, after defeating Senya 1–0.

The competition then took a one-year hiatus, returning in 2018 in the form of the Micras Games. Mercury again topped their qualification group, winning five games out of six. In the finals, Mercury topped their group with two wins and a draw to advance to the semi-finals, where for the third time in a row, they were eliminated by Gerenia, losing 2–1, before winning the bronze medal, this time beating the Florian Republic 1–0.

Mercury hosted the 2020 edition, and as such, qualified automatically. The team once again topped their group, winning both games, then beating Lamantia, before eventually losing to Senya 1–0 in the semi-finals and 2–1 to Floria in the bronze medal game.

The team once again topped their qualifying group in 2022, advancing to their fifth World Championships. In the group stage, the team failed to top the group for the first time in their history, however still advanced to the quarter-finals as runners-up, beating Craitland 4–1 and hosts Thracistan 2–1 on their way to their first final, with a 3–1 defeat to Senya seeing the team lose out on a first title, but still securing a best-ever finish in a World Championships.

Chronological competitive participation


The following squad was selected for the 2023 FMFF Regions Cup.

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Lucie Hughes 26 Mercury Mercury City
2 3DF Lara Davis 24 Mercury Linnerton Town
3 3DF Victoria Moore 27 Mercury Linnerton Town
4 3DF Alexis Price 20 Mercury Mercury City
5 3DF Nadia Campbell 25 Mercury Mercury City
6 5MF Sara Henderson 29 Mercury Mullen City
7 5MF Laila Scott 26 Mercury Dynamo Deacon
8 5MF Amelia-Rose Day 21 Mercury Mercury City
9 5MF Callie Clarke 19 Mercury Mercury City
10 7FW Faye Walker 23 Mercury Dynamo Deacon
11 7FW Eira Hamilton 25 Mercury Mercury City
12 1GK Mia Gallagher 24 Mercury Dynamo Deacon
13 3DF Alicia Murphy 23 Mercury Mercury City
14 3DF Paige Coffey 27 Mercury Dynamo Deacon
15 3DF Eve Thomas 29 Mercury Castleton Lions
16 5MF Gabrielle Fraser 25 Mercury May Athletic
17 5MF Bethany Harris 30 Mercury Mullen City
18 5MF Maisie Ross 22 Mercury Dynamo Deacon
19 7FW Sophie Anderson 21 Mercury Linnerton Town
20 7FW Robyn Gray 25 Mercury Dynamo Deacon