Nokarodo Faction

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Nokarodo Faction
Farmer's and Labour Faction
Abbreviation NRF
Headquarters Sheng Garden 25, Daocheng, Zhijin Province
Membership 377,120
Ideology Jingdaoese Nationalism
Market centralism
Emperor Worship
Political position Centre-left
Colours Yellow and red
0 / 15
Imperial Yuan
9 / 54

The Nokarodo Faction, or Nokarodo, which literally means Farmer and Labour Faction, is a left-wing, socialist political party in Jingdao.



The following persons were chairman of the KLT:

Seats in the Diet


While the members of the Seanad are not elected, most of them are affiliated with a party. The Nokarodo does not have any representatives in the Seanad.


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