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Nokarodo Faction

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Nokarodo Faction
Farmer's and Labour Faction
Abbreviation NRF
Chairman Tsukono Wei
Headquarters Sheng Garden 25, Daocheng, Zhijin Province (formerly)
Membership Formerly 377,120, due to the illegal nature of the party it does not currently keep a membership administration
Ideology Socialist, Labor movement
Political position Centre-left
International affiliation Micras Socialist International
Colours Yellow and red
Seanad (dissolved)
0 / 15
Imperial Yuan (dissolved)
74 / 391

The Nokarodo Faction, or Nokarodo, which literally means Farmer and Labour Faction, is a left-wing, socialist political party in Jingdao. It was a legal political party that participated in the Imperial Yuan during the Xianfa Constitution, when Jingdao was a constitutional monarchy. After the adoption of the Chidao Constitution, the party disappeared from public life and many of its notable members were prosecuted by the Tegong. Today the party continues to operate, though membership of it is considered a capital crime in the empire. The party is an early member of the Micras Socialist International.



The following persons were chairman of the Nokarodo:

Seats in the Diet


While the members of the Seanad are not elected, most of them are affiliated with a party. The Nokarodo did not have any representatives in the Seanad.


The Nokarodo participated in the elections for the Imperial Yuan three times, before the Yuan was abolished following the adoption of the Chidao Constitution.

Year (AN) Leader Result
1647 Ming Wei
65 / 391
1650 Tsukono Wei
7 / 391
1657 Tsukono Wei
74 / 391

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