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National Union Party
Abbreviation KLT
Chairman Chiang Shun
Founded 1647 AN
Dissolved 1659 AN
Preceded by National-Centrist Party
Headquarters Sheng Garden 20, Daocheng, Dazijin Province
Membership 2,177,120
Ideology Jingdaoese Nationalism
Emperor Worship
Political position Centre-right
Colours Dark red & gold
Seanad (dissolved)
1 / 15
Imperial Yuan (dissolved)
46 / 391

The Kuominliantang (abbreviated to KLT and often translated to as National Union Party) was a major political party in Jingdao. Just like its predecessor, the National-Centrist Party, it had a heavy focus on protecting the Imperial Monarchy and Military as the pillars of Jingdaoese society. Following the 1659 AN decree by the Chidao Emperor to abolish democracy in Jingdao, the Kuominliantang was dissolved. Unlike the Nokarodo Faction, notable members of the Kuominliantang were able to remain active in Daocheng politics, usually in the Guanchang faction.


Poster of the KLT April 2017 campaign.


The following persons were chairman of the KLT:

Seats in the Diet


While the members of the Seanad are not elected, most of them are affiliated with a party.

Senators affiliated to the party
Nr. Province Name Governor Notes
1 Dazijin Province Chiang Shun Proclaimed interim-governor after the death of his father.


The Kuominliantang participated in the elections for the Imperial Yuan three times, before the Yuan was abolished following the adoption of the Chidao Constitution.

Year (AN) Leader Result
1647 Chiang Shun
325 / 391
1650 Chiang Shun
159 / 391
1657 Masaaki Yamazaki
46 / 391

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