Tsukono Wei

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Tsukono Wei
Tsukono Wei.png
Full name Tsukono Wei
AKA Young Comrade Wei
Physical information
Species Human
Race Jingdaoese
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Tao Wei
Mother Meng Guo
Date of birth 1627 AN
Place of birth Weicheng, Tiefenque District, Xianbei Province
Residence(s) Weicheng, Xianbei Province
Nationality Jingdaoese
Allegiance(s) Nokarodo Faction
Occupation Union leader, intellectual

Tsukono Wei was the younger brother of Ming Wei who rose to the highest ranks of the Nokarodo Faction after the death (and perceived execution) of his brother. Thanks to his brother's increased influence, Tsukono was allowed to go study at Weicheng University.

After the death of Ming, he started radicalising and finally wrote his manifest, which would inspire the party: "Socialist Path of Wei to Salvation" in which he described the importance of an uprising against the Jing Dynasty, an overthrow of the monarchy, dissolution of the army and navy, and equal rights for all minority groups.

His personal endorsement of the Xianbei Defiance costed him a lot of the goodwill from the authorities, as well as the support of a majority of his voter's base. As his traditional voters where banned from voting in the Xianbei Province, the party saw a crushing defeat during the 1650 Yuan Elections. Tsukono was the only party member to retain his seat in the Tiefenque District. The 1657 elections would see an increase in support for his party, but also - under influence of the war - a division between leftist politicians. The lack of a stable democratic Imperial Yuan soon brought the end of the last remnants of the Xianfa Constitution: the Chidao Emperor was put on the Throne, while his advisors disbanded the elected Yuan in favour of the Gong Suweiai.

Tsukono lost his seat, influence and more or less disappeared from public life. As the Nokarodo Faction was banned during the reign of the Chidao Emperor, the party became an underground resistance movement. In 1673 it became one of the first four parties to participate in the Micras Socialist International, and Tsukono became a respected member. In 1679 he was invited by Pekke Aloorion of the Elwynnese Workers' Party to sit, together with Pekke Aloorion and Hendrik Van Hoevendaal of the Labor Party of Alrig in the investment approval board of the Global Solutions Corporation a consultancy and ethical investments brokerage which is related to the International.

During the Post-Chidao Troubles, Tsukono came out of hiding and called upon the people to establish a socialist republic, free from imperial authority and with equality to both Kildari and Jing. His revolt - inspired by his deceased older brother - saw the establishment of a war lord faction. He upheld amicable relations with the United Thanedom of Dalmacija, despite his desire to overthrow Marius Gallo in the long run, and even received military aid.

In 1698 AN, Tsukono's plane got intercepted. While awaiting arrest after landing at a Jingdaoese airbase, he contemplated shooting himself through the head. In the end, he decided against it. The Jingdaoese authorities, now holding an important member of the Second Xianbei Defiance Movement, hoped to end the civil war quickly by pushing through Xianbei and diverting Dalmacijan troops from the south to the north. However, immediately after Tsukono's arrest, Wang Wei took charge of Nokarodo and pledged to keep fighting the feudalist empire against all odds. To avoid shredding the popular image of the party, news about Tsukono's arrest was censored.