Ming Wei

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Ming Wei
Ming Wei.png
Full name Ming Wei
AKA Old Comrade Wei
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Tao Hei
Mother Meng Guo
Date of birth 1617 AN
Place of birth Weicheng, Tiefenque District, Xianbei Province
Date of death Daocheng Palace, Daocheng
Place of death 1649 AN
Residence(s) Zhongji Province
Nationality Jingdaoese
Allegiance(s) Nokarodo Faction
Occupation Union leader

Ming Wei is a former chairman of the Nokarodo Faction in Jingdao. He was born in a relative poor household in the aftermath of the Jingdaoese Spring. As son of farmers, he participated in the work on the farm. Influenced by new ideals, like the racial equality of Kildari and Jingdaoese and limited democracy, increasing political chaos and corruption, Ming went to the city to partake in several strikes against the military regime of Jung Shun (his illness had put and end to any proposed major reform, while the Emperor was influenced by foreign powers and became increasingly more mentally unstable).

In this environment, Ming Wei started his own union (which was not permitted): visiting factories and farms across the district, searching for support. His main goal at that moment was the improvement of living conditions. He escaped arrest several times and succeeded in gathering a relatively large group of people around him.

His son was born in 1634 AN when he was only 17 years. The child was named Yamato Wei, and became infamous for his perceived involvement in the Nivelle Mutiny.

Ming served in the army when hostilities broke out during the War of Jingdaoese Immolation but was never promoted and was distrusted with any important role. He was often put together in Kildarian divisions, as many Jingdaoese looked upon him with distrust.

He was eventually fired from service in 1647 AN, after which he established the Nokarodo Faction, which would participate in the Yuan elections that same year.

He rose to the position of Steward after his party had made some minor gains in the Yuan elections. While Ming Wei saw the appointment as imperial appeasement and support of the Heavenly Court for his social reforms, it was reported that the Xianfa Emperor merely was "curious about having a socialist in charge of the palace, and a conservative in charge of the government. Surely it would give some firework.".

Ming Wei died in 1649 AN, when the Hai Emperor ascended the Throne. This led to revolts throughout the country. The unrest was the worst in his birthplace: the Xianbei Province, where many Kildari had hoped to profit from increased living conditions for the workers.