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Zhongji Province
Zhongji flag.png
Wiki map GAE state 17.png
Capital Gangdiguo
Largest cities

Zhongji is a province in Jingdao. It's the most heavily populated province of the country, easily overtaking the capital itself. It's home to most major industrial complexes and the Alashuizamen Sluices. The former Kildarian cities have, through time, mostly been transformed into purely Jing cities. The thousands of landmarks are left as silent witnesses to the region's diverse past. Heliopolis, for example, became a huge metropolis under the name Gangdiguo, having overtaken what was once known as the most important city of Shireroth: Apollo City (current-day Xiacheng).

In 1700 AN, the province was split in two: with the territory west of the Antya River as Zhongji Province, while the eastern territories formed the newly established Hondon Province. The Beidonghu District was integrated into Xianxia Province, which finally gained access to a large waterway.


A detailed map of the province and its districts.