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Vehicle registration plates are the mandatory number plates used to display the registration mark of a vehicle in Krasnocoria. Most motor vehicles which are used on public roads are required by law to display them. Having them covered by snow or mud constitutes an administrative offense leads to a fine, as well as covering the plates with any other object.

Plate format

Plate Type Description
Krc reg plates.PNG Regular The regular licence plates start with two-letter code of administrative center, after which hyphen separates three letters and three numbers. A blue field is placed along the left side edge, bearing the country code for Krasnocoria (KRC) and coat of arms.
Krc pol plates.PNG Police Police forces have special blue colored plates. They start with ПОЛ (short for 'police', Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Полиција) and end with four (sometimes five) digits. The police number plates are not light reflective.
Krc mil plates.PNG Military The military license plates have white characters on a dark green background. They start with ВОЈ (short for 'military', Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Војска) and end with four digits. Military number plates are not light reflective.
Krc amb plates.PNG Diplomatic
Diplomatic and Government vehicles have yellow characters on a black background. The first two digits on the plate are a code identifying the institution to which they belong (example: 01 for Senya). The first two letters vary - ВЛ is used by government officials, АМ by ambassadors, ДИ by other diplomats and ОР by international organisations.
Krc ptr plates.PNG Public transport Public transport vehicles (such as buses and licensed taxis) have black characters on a yellow background. The hyphen is dividing two-letter code of administrative center and four digits.
Krc tra plates.PNG Trailer Trailer plates start with TE (short for 'cargo', Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Терет). Two letters and three numbers are divided from TE with hyphen.
Krc temp plates.PNG Temporary Temporary plates are printed out on a thick holographic paper and put on front and rear windshields. Hologram is placed on letter П (short for 'trial', Krasnocorian Cyrillic: Проба) and coat of arms.

The standard size for the license plate is 520 mm by 110 mm. With current series, there are 32,768,000 available combinations for regular license plates, out of which 18,052,151 (55%) are used as of October 2018 .


The following codes are listed by Krasnocorian cyrillic order.

Code Administrative center Code Administrative center Code Administrative center Code Administrative center Code Administrative center
АС Avas ГЕ Gevet МЕ Merku ОБ Obalska ТО Toplica
АБ Averna ГЧ Gradačak МЏ Medž ПЕ Perubuje ЏА Džastinovo
АК Akvilanija ГБ Grendbej МИ Mitrovska ПУ Port Ulje ШР Šer Ku Riž
АР Akjar ЕЛ Elmaovo МГ Micograd РА Ravna
БО Bojnik КР Kraj МО Mostar СА Sartid
ВИ Vinsenice КУ Kunstentinupel НИ Nizbejn СЛ Slavograd
ВУ Vudin ЛЕ Lezije НО Novatika СР Srbograd
ГЛ Glasbridž ЛУ Lusetije НП Nuví Pelezu ТИ Tiren


Nation (English) Krasnocorian Latin Krasnocorian Cyrillic
Alduria Republic of Alduria Alduria Kraljevina Aldurija Alduria Кральевина Алдурија
Alperkin Heavenlet of Alperkin Alperkin Rajstvo Alperkin Alperkin Рајство Алперкин
Alrig Alriggian Republic Alrig Alriška Republika Alrig Алришка Република
Amokolia Kingdom of Amokolia Amokolia Kraljevina Amokolija Amokolia Кральевина Амоколија
Antakia Republic of Antakia Antakia Republika Antakija Antakia Република Антакија
Arcadia United Kingdom of Arcadia,
the Beneluccas and the land of Calbain
Arcadia Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo Arkadije,
Benelukasa i Kalbejnške Zemlje
Arcadia Ујединьено Кральевство Аркадије,
Бенелукаса и Калбејншке Землье
Batavia Kingdom of Batavia Batavia Kraljevina Batavija Batavia Кральевина Батавија
Birgeshir Tsalojdom of Birgeshir Birgeshir Calojstvo Birdžešir Birgeshir Цалојство Бирџешир
Constancia Imperial State of Constancia Constancia Imperijalna Država Konstancija Constancia Империјална Држава Констанција
Craitland Kingdom of Craitland Craitland Kraljevina Krejtland Craitland Кральевина Крејтланд
Crisco Revolutionary Army of Crisco Crisco Revolucionarna Vojska Kriska Crisco Револуционарна Војска Криска
Drak-Modan Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan Drak-Modan Bovičko Kraljevstvo Drak-Modan Drak-Modan Бовичко Кральевство Драк-Модан
Çeridgul Ekançeridgul-terashedostli Çeridgul Ekančeridgul-Terašedostli Çeridgul Еканчеридгул-Терашедостли
Elwynn Elwynnese Republic Elwynn Elvinska Republika Elwynn Елвинска Република
Florian Republic Florian Republic Florian Republic Florijanska Republika Florian Republic Флоријанска Република
Freeland People's Republic of Freeland Freeland Narodna Republika Frilend Freeland Народна Република Фриленд
Genovia Kingdom of Genovia Genovia Kraljevina Đenovija Genovia Кральевина Ђеновија
Goëtia Community of Goëtia Goëtia Gotsko Društvo Goëtia Готско Друштво
Guttuli Guttuli Protectorate Guttuli Gutulški Protektorat Guttuli Гутулшки Протекторат
Imperial trade union Haifo-Pallisican Imperial
Trade Union
Imperial trade union Haifo-Palisiška Imperijalna
Trgovinska Unija
Imperial trade union Хаифо-Палисишка Империјална
Трговинска Унија
Hoenn Hoennese Realm Hoenn Hoensko Carstvo Hoenn Хоенско Царство
Inner Benacia Republic of Inner Benacia Inner Benacia Republika Unutrašnje Benacije Inner Benacia Република Унутрашнье Бенације
Iron Cult Iron Cult of Leng Iron Cult Gvozdena Sekta Leng Iron Cult Гвоздена Секта Ленг
Jezeraah Republic of Jezeraah Jezeraah Republika Džezera Jezeraah Република Џезера
Jingdao Jingdaoese Empire Jingdao Džingdaoško Carstvo Jingdao Џингдаошко Царство
Juclandia Kingdom of Juclandia Juclandia Kraljevina Žuklandija Juclandia Кральевина Жукландија
Kalgachia Garden of Kalgachia Kalgachia Kalgačka Bašta Kalgachia Калгачка Башта
Krasnocoria Kingdom of Krasnocoria Krasnocoria Kraljevina Krasnokorija Krasnocoria Кральевина Краснокорија
Los Liberados Republic of Los Liberados Los Liberados Republika Los Liberados Los Liberados Република Лос Либерадос
Lostisland Federal Republic of Lostisland Lostisland Federalna Republika Lostajlend Lostisland Федерална Република Лостајленд
Mercury Republic of Mercury Mercury Republika Merkur Mercury Република Меркур
Natopia Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation Natopia Bovičko Carstvo Natopijske Nacije Natopia Бовичко Царство Натопијске Нације
New Riverina People's Republic of New Riverina New Riverina Narodna Republika Nova Riverina New Riverina Народна Република Нова Риверина
Norrland Kingdom of Norrland Norrland Kraljevina Norlend Norrland Кральевина Норленд
Nova England Nova England Nova England Nova Engleska Nova England Нова Енглеска
Pacificonia United Pacificonian Islands Pacificonia Ujedinjena Pacifikonška Ostrva Pacificonia Ујединьена Пацификоншка Острва
Palesmenia Confederation of Palesmenia Palesmenia Palesmenijska Konfederacija Palesmenia Палесменијска Конфедерација
Phinbella Federal Republic of Phinbella Phinbella Federalna Republika Finbela Phinbella Федерална Република Финбела
Phokland Imperial Tsardom of Phokland Phokland Imperijalna Carevina Fokland Phokland Империјална Царевина Фокланд
Ralgon Holy Ralgon Empire Ralgon Sveto Ralgonsko Carstvo Ralgon Свето Ралгонско Царство
Ransenar Kingdom of Ransenar Ransenar Kraljevina Ransenar Ransenar Кральевина Рансенар
Réunion Holy Empire of Réunion Réunion Sveto Carstvo Reuniona Réunion Свето Царство Реуниона
Saint-Antoine Kingdom of Saint-Antoine Saint-Antoine Kraljevina Sen-Antoan Saint-Antoine Кральевина Сен-Антоан
Sanama Democartic Federation of Sanama Sanama Demokratska Federacija Sanama Sanama Демократска Федерација Санама
Senya Democratic Environmental
Society of Senya
Senya Sredina Demokratskog Društva Senije Senya Средина Демократског Друштва Сеније
Shireroth Imperial Republic of Shireroth Shireroth Imperijalna Republika Šajerot Shireroth Империјална Република Шајерот
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation of Suthergold,
Norestria, and Holwinn
Sovereign Confederation Suverena Konfederacija Satergolda,
Norestrije i Holvina
Sovereign Confederation Суверена Конфедерација Сатерголда,
Норестрије и Холвина
Stormark High Realm of Stormark Stormark Visoko Carstvo Stormark Stormark Високо Царство Стормарк
Tellia Tellian Confederation Tellia Telijska Konfederacija Tellia Телијска Конфедерација
Thracistan Republic of Thracistan Thracistan Republika Trakistan Thracistan Република Тракистан
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates of Benacia Unified Governorates Ujedinjeni Guvernerati Benacije Unified Governorates Ујединьени Гувернерати Бенације
Verionist Republic Verionist Republic Verionist Republic Verionistička Republika Verionist Republic Верионистичка Република
Vi'Ix Free State of Vi'Ix Vi'Ix Slobodna Država Šest-Devet Vi'Ix Слободна Држава Шест-Девет
Wechua Wechua Nation Wechua Večuanska Država Wechua Вечуанска Држава


Ethnicity in Kingdom of Coria (2019)

  Corians (76.9%)
  Šlovedks (11.1%)
  Anticans (5.6%)
  Senyans (1.1%)
  Serbs (1.1%)
  Jingdaoese (1.0%)
  Other (3.2%)

Ethnicity in Krasnarus (2019)

  Šlovedks (41.7%)
  Anticans (25.5%)
  Jingdaoese (4.4%)
  Slavonjans (3.9%)
  Corians (3.5%)
  Black Travellers (2.6%)
  Hasanis (2.6%)
  Xhusorians (1.8%)
  Coriaks (1.2%)
  Xangs (1.1%)
  Rarotongans (1.0%)
  Other (10.7%)

Ethnicity in Port Ulje (2019)

  Babkhans (27.5%)
  Šlovedks (18.6%)
  Corians (17.9%)
  Pallisicans (6.3%)
  Anticans (5.4%)
  Jingdaoese (3.6%)
  Slavonjans (3.4%)
  Hasanis (2.3%)
  Serbs (2.2%)
  Constancians (1.9%)
  Shirerithians (1.7%)
  Blepians (1.4%)
  Coriaks (1.3%)
  Black Travellers (1.0%)
  Other (5.5%)