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Antakya Vilayəti
—  State of Thraci Confederation  —
State of Antakia
Antakya Vilayəti


Coat of arms
Antakia in Thraci Confederation
Nation Thraci Confederation Thraci Confederation
Establish 1673 AN
New lands 1706 AN
Administrtative center Sura
 • Governor Halil Çadıliyev
Population (1706 AN)
 • Total 11,000,000
 • Estimate (1680 AN) 17,000,000
Demonym Halimese
 • Ethnic groups
Time zone CMT (UTC+7)
Postcode 20xxx-30xxx
Area code(s) 20-30
Vehicle registration TR

The Republic of Antakia (Antakian: Antəkinya Respublikyesi) is a Antakian Thraci speaking nation in Eura. Capital is Antakşehir. Biggset cities in Antakia are Antakşehir, Maraş, Ulaş and Karpuz. The president is Halil Çadıliyev and the prime minister is İsmet Bayramov. Antakia is a fertile country with rich metal and energy resources. Eastern region of the country, horse-riding is more than other regions in Antakia. Fruit growing and markets are higher in the western part of the country than in other regions of the nation. Since the nation has a lot of silver resources, many places have silver mines.

The people of Antakian never restrict each other's rights. People in Antakia work on average 5-9 hours. Most of the Antakian are students and are between the ages of 15-25. The people of Antakian are a peaceful country protect to their traditions.

Antakians are mostly live in the city.Uchturkians mostly live in the south of the country.


The history of Thracistan and the history of Antakia are proportional to each other. Some people claim that Antakia is the successor of Thracistan.

Attempt at being a territory of Shireroth

President Alperen began to look for the nation to be annexed as a territory of an existing nation on Micras through diplomacy on the Discord server. He shortlisted candidates including Hoenn, the Florian Republic and Shireroth, with Shireroth suggested most suitable due to its multiple islands and discussions were attended. The intended claim included the island of So-Sara and the building of two new cities. However, international reaction and opinions were taken into account by Alperen, and it was accepted that Thracistan would maintain being an independent nation.

A number of Thraci immigrants reached the island ofSo-Sara. President Alperen was given a seat in Shireroth's legislature, and was ennobled by Kaiser Ayreon IV. Despite the Kalirion Fracture, President Alperen remains a Shirerithian nobleman.

Thraci 1673 Coup'd etat

1673 Thraci Coup'd etat is a military event in the ancient capital of Thracistan. The order did not occur in the chain of command, but by the planning of 45 officers.This was Thracistan's first military coup attempt, as well as the first military intervention against the government. First, the road to parliament was cut by the soldiers, after which the assembly was bombed. The state channel was raided by several soldiers and the statement was read. The last palace where Alperen Mithat Gazi stayed was raided and the president was taken prisoner. In the morning, coup leader Ahmar Ceamçı declared himself a new leader.

Thraci Civil War

Thraci Civil War took place just after the military coup. After the palace was besieged, Alperen Kadim Gazi left the nation within forty-eight hours. After the palace was besieged, Alperen the ancient Gazi left the nation within forty-eight hours. AEEU supporters occupied the Oynak island and became the center of the army.A few days later, the landing was made to the Er island and is currently in progress. The Laman Republic declared its one-way independence from Thracistan, but it did not appear on the MCS map. Thracistan did not recognize the nation and thus formed the western front for the junta. Amanur and Uçqurk marched against the junta but most people died. The Laman Army tried to move along the coastlines. As a precaution, the junta exploded the tunnel and destroyed the bridges. So the Laman Army did not pass, but there are still plans to take off. Kadim, AEEU supporters were bombed and marches against some junta. The Laman Army blew up an official state canal building. VoyCom Arena suffered great damage. A helicopter landed at the Milliy Arena.


Antakia was planned second Thraci nation.Immediately after the Thraci Civil War, the flag was designed and the name of the country began.In the first conference of the New Thraci Nation the name and flag of the new country was to decided.Search for a land for the nation.The special feature of this land was the existence of a source.The Eura continent was the best place for this.The 30,000 troops who left Thracistan immediately settled north of Eura.The special feature of this place was the presence of excessive wheat.To the west of the nation is Salonis military base appurtentant of Passas .To the southwest of the nation were the islands of Passas and Alduria.Some Thraci refugees began to sell and grow wheat in these lands.Despite the presence of provinces, there were no buildings, and the Thraci refugees only stayed in tents.In a short time, this event attracted Alduria's attention.The Government of Alduria warned Antakia that Antakia could not be established in these lands, and if it was established, the Aldurian army would attack.The Antakia Government perceived this as a threat.At first, the Government of Antakia boldly declared that he would defend with pleasure and send it back to the land he came from.Alduria was a new country.But Alduria had more population, army and sophistication.The nation began to search for new lands and found them.A place with rich silver, electricity and agriculture was discovered on the riverbank.

West Expand

West expand is part of the Great Antakia project.Western expansion is the first part of the Great Antakia.Earlier of 1674, first discovery was held on the west coast of the river.Second discovery was held near the borders of Alduria.After the discoveries, the government started the first construction for cities, saying enlargement was safe.At the same time, two temporary military bases were started on the Alduria borders.Water is being pured in the river because of the drought in the region.


Due to the Razjania problem experienced about 10 years ago, the borders with Nouvelle Alexandrie and Constancia were closed and the Pan-Euran highway was expelled from the project. Antakia has not been able to provide many flights abroad for the last five years and has started to implement an isolationist policy. A large number of Antakian people fled to Thracistan and the Hazar as immigrants due to their isolationist policies.

Currently, there has been no information about Antakia on internal affairs for the last five years, international flights are very rare due to the risk of danger. And also the population has not been counted for a long time.


Political Parties

Anameclis is Antakian national assembly.

Antakia is currently governed by a provisional government. The selection will take place once the country is officially added to the MCS. The elections will take place every six years by the decision of 1674 year. Parties have the right to forge alliances with other parties. Certainly the parties representing a race will not be in Parliament. But since the parliamentary elections have not yet been present, the four-seat parliament is evenly distributed to four parties, which means that each parcel faces a hundred seats.


This is a J-458.

The Antakian Army was established in 1673.A bout 190,000 soldiers actively serve in the Antakian Army. 520,000 people are soldiers in reserve. Currently, there has not been much military mobility except the sight of Alduria's nation as a regional threat. There is currently a military base on the border with Çeridgul, with 5,000 people serving. Apart from the terrestrial army it has a Navy of 123 warships,51 submarines,2 Corvettes,3 anecdotes,6 minesweepers. Antakia also endowed with 349 battle plane.