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Superabundance Foods

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Superabundance Foods
Type Public
Industry Food processing
Products Deli meat, ethnic foods, pantry foods, Spam


Superabundance Foods was established as a corporation operating under the laws of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia, but was absorbed by ESB Group (Keltia) in 1669, and redomiciled in Sarensby, along with other Caputian corporation assets and employees after the collapse of that state. The corporation remained moribund under the ESB (Keltia) Caputian Asset Management Division until 1686, when the Board of Directors of the ESB Group resolved to recapitalize and reincorporate the corporation under Normark law, and to incorporate subsidiaries and construct new factories and processing plants in Rothaven, UGB, Cape Isabella, Principality of Arboria, Natopia; Tirlar, Arboria Proper, Principality of Arboria, Natopia, and Arak, Constancia, as well as branch offices elsewhere.

In light of the Scouring, it exploited new markets in the Benacian Union, particularly refugee camps along the borders of the Kingdom of Ransenar requiring the minimum of sustenance for the greatest number with the most dubious nutrients at the cheapest price. As a measure of corporate social responsibility and generosity, the ESB Foundation purchased several million Natopos worth of goods for distribution to the poor and hungry of Elluenuueq.

It explored new markets in Zeed in the aftermath of the Third Euran War, and was a major contractor-supplier in light of Operation Paramount and Operation Landslide.

During the Florian invasion of Port Balaine, sixty-two thousand cases of tinned Superabundance High Energy Meat Substitute sold to the Blackfriars' Redux in the International Mandate ended up, by means unclear, being resold to Florian occupation forces by the enterprising factors of the ESB residency recently established on The Promenade of Port Balaine.


Chair: The Countess Palatine of Mirioth and Amity
Vice Chair: vacant
Court of Directors: