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Superabundance Foods

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Superabundance Foods, Inc.
Type Public
Industry Food processing and supply
Founded 1660 AN
Zalae, Caputia
Headquarters Normark Sarensby, Normark
Products Deli meat, ethnic foods, pantry foods, Spam, beverages

Superabundance Foods, Inc. is a multinational conglomerate specializing in food processing and supply. Founded under the laws of Caputia in 1660 AN, the company has grown to become a global presence, with various subsidiaries and processing plants across multiple countries. Its wide range of products includes deli meats, ethnic foods, spices, pantry essentials, Spam, candy, and beverages. Superabundance Foods has played a significant role in providing sustenance in both commercial markets and crisis situations, becoming a key corporation across many countries in the Raspur Pact. The company's history is marked by expansion, exploration of new markets, significant contributions to military efforts, and a focus on corporate governance. The company is currently headquartered in Sarensby, Normark, with subsidiaries and divisions incorporated in nations like the Benacian Union, Nouvelle Alexandrie, Constancia, Zeed, Natopia, and the Suren Confederacy.


Superabundance Foods, Inc. was founded in the year 1660 AN, under the laws of the newly formed Kingdom of the Union of Caputia, which emerged from the ashes and collapse of Hamland. At a time when the Caputian society was in urgent need of rebuilding and nourishment, the company saw an opportunity to cater to diverse food markets. In the immediate aftermath of the Hammish Civil War, the demand for various food products began to rise sharply. The devastation of the war had left a void in the food processing and supply industry, with Superabundance Foods seized the opportunity to fill that gap. Within its first five years in existence, the company developed and launched an array of hit products that fueled its rapid growth in both the Caputian and Wechua Nation markets between 1661 AN and 1666 AN.

The product line ranged from deli meats such as CapuSlices, WechuaWurst, and the much-famed Hamón Elegancia Real, to an assortment of candies named SweetCap Delights, and a series of healthy snacks under the brand NatureBite. These products resonated well with consumers, providing quality and variety in a time of rebuilding and recovery. However, it was the innovative Spam product line that produced the company's biggest hit to date, NumberSPAM. This unique product featured spam slices shaped like individual numbers, with several zero slices included in each package. NumberSPAM not only became a culinary novelty but also a symbol of the rebuilding process, with the zero slices representing a fresh start for the nation. The success of NumberSPAM, along with the other products, allowed Superabundance Foods to quickly establish itself as one of the largest food processors and suppliers in Caputia and the Wechua Nation. By aligning its growth with the nation's recovery, Superabundance Foods became synonymous with the resilience and revitalization of Caputia in its post-war era.

Acquisition by ESB Group (Keltia)

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In 1669 AN, Superabundance Foods was acquired by ESB Group (Keltia) and redomiciled in Sarensby, along with other Caputian corporation assets and employees after Caputia's collapse. Although inactive under the Caputian Asset Management Division for several years, a decision by the Board of Directors of the ESB Group in 1686 AN led to the recapitalization and reincorporation of the corporation under Normark law. This marked a new phase with the construction of new factories and processing plants in Rothaven, UGB, Cape Isabella, Principality of Arboria, Natopia; Tirlar, Arboria Proper, Principality of Arboria, Natopia, and Arak, Constancia, along with branch offices in various locations.

Its acquisition by ESB Group (Keltia) led to the development of significant advertisement or public announcement marketing revenue stream by allowing businesses and governments to place small advertisements in the labels of all of its products.

Market Exploration

In response to the Scouring, Superabundance Foods exploited new markets in the Benacian Union, specifically targeting refugee camps along the borders of the Kingdom of Ransenar. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the ESB Foundation facilitated distribution of essential food supplies to needy regions like Elluenuueq. The company further extended its reach by exploring markets in Zeed following the Third Euran War, becoming a major supplier during Operation Paramount and Operation Landslide.

Notable Contributions and Ventures

During the Florian invasion of Port Balaine, sixty-two thousand cases of tinned Superabundance High Energy Meat Substitute found their way to Florian occupation forces, reflecting the company's complex logistical capabilities.

The beverages division, active from 1718 AN onwards, expanded the product line with a focus on beverages like Dark Berry Ale in Dark Berry Ale in Constancia, the Benacian Union,and Nouvelle Alexandrie.

Superabundance Foods played a crucial role in supporting Raspur Pact military efforts across Keltia and Eura in the Wars of the Dispossessed after 1719 AN, providing sustenance to large armies during Operation Purple Splendor, the Siege of Dalen, the Corsair Wars, and Operation Lefthand Punch in Ostland. This would become the largest contract in the company's history, emphasizing its significance in the food supply industry within many economies of the Raspur Pact.

A subsidiary known as Superabundant Agrarian Holdings owns extensive holdings of farms and ranches in Nouvelle Alexandrie, Ransenar, Constancia, and Natopia. The company's shipping logistics division formed a joint venture with Kerularios & Company, the largest privately-owned shipping company in Nouvelle Alexandrie. This collaborative effort, known as Superabundant-Kerularios Logistics, has streamlined supply chain processes and enhanced the coordination of logistics across various regions, underlining the company's innovation and adaptability in meeting the demands of modern global commerce.


Category Product Name Description
Deli Meats CapuSlices Traditional Caputian ham slices
Deli Meats WechuWurst Savory sausage with Wechua spices and herbs
Deli Meats Hamón Elegancia Real Premium smoked ham
Deli Meats Embutido Martino Martino-style cured sausage
Deli Meats Geneve Pâté Rich Alexandrian-style liver pâté
Ethnic Foods Wechua Quinoa Bowl Wholesome quinoa bowl with Wechua spices and herbs
Ethnic Foods Joojeh Kabab Babkhan marinated chicken kebabs
Ethnic Foods Pâté d'Alexandrie Rich and flavorful pâté made with traditional Alexandrian recipe
Ethnic Foods Guanimes Wakara Traditional Wakara cornmeal dumplings
Ethnic Foods Sabich Supremo Ashkenatzi eggplant and egg sandwich
Ethnic Foods Sopa de Quinua Traditional Wechua quinoa sou
Spices Fuego Santanderino Fiery, smokey paprika blend from Santander
Spices Babkha's Essence Rich and aromatic Babkhan spice mix
Spices Wakara Mojo Criollo Authentic Wakara marinade with garlic and citrus
Spices Wechua Spice Blend A blend of spices used in authentic Wechua cuisine
Spices Mélanges d'Épices Alexandriennes Selection of fine herbs and spices from Nouvelle Alexandrie
Pantry Essentials Alexandrian Baguette Mix Easy-to-make Alexandrian bread mix
Pantry Essentials Wechua Corn Oil High-quality corn oil from Wechua corn
Spam NumberSPAM Spam slices shaped like numbers
Candy SweetCap Delights Assorted Caputian candies
Candy ChocoWechu Bars Rich chocolate bars with Wechua nuts
Candy Mehrshahr Pistachio Brittle Crunchy Suren pistachio candy
Beverages Asterapolis Citrus Cooler Refreshing citrus beverage from Constancia
Beverages Dark Berry Ale Popular dark berry flavored ale
Healthy Snacks NatureBite Vegan Crunch Gluten-free vegan snack bars
Healthy Snacks NatureBite Quinoa Puffs Air-puffed quinoa snacks with natural flavoring
Healthy Snacks NatureBite Ternero Torcido Martino-inspired twisted beef snack with a blend of herbs
Norse Delicacies Feast Meatballs Savory meatballs infused with traditional Norse herbs and spices
Norse Delicacies Norse Breads Hearty whole-grain breads made following celebrated Norse recipes
Norse Delicacies Thunder Cheese Strong and tangy cheese aged in Norse-style cellars
Norse Delicacies Sarensby Berry Tart Sweet tart filled with seasonal Norse berries and a touch of honey
Norse Delicacies Skjaldmö Spread Creamy spread made from cured salmon, dill, and traditional Norse spices
Norse Candies Trickster Treats Mischievously hot cinnamon candies
Norse Candies Rainbow Drops Colorful and fruity hard candies, each color representing a different flavor
Norse Candies Gummy Roots Chewy gummy candies shaped like the leaves and roots of trees
Norse Cooking Staples Norse Salt Blend Sea salt mixed with crushed Norse herbs, perfect for seasoning meats
Norse Cooking Staples Rune Stone Flour Stone-ground whole wheat flour following Norse milling techniques
Norse Cooking Staples Hearth Cooking Oil Versatile cooking oil infused with a blend of Norse herbs
Norse Beverages Mjölnir Mead Traditional Norse mead made with honey, water, and fermented yeast
Norse Beverages Njord's Sea Brew Uniquely flavored beer brewed with seaweed and Norse coastal herbs
Benacian beverages Apfelsinegansurfruchtgetränk An orange squash drink enhanced with extra vitamins and four tablespoons of cod-liver oil blended into every five-hundred millilitre bottle. Widely distributed in the Unified Governorates


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