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Project 2017

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Project 2017 is a joint initiative between the Senyan government and the Football Association of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya (FADESS), to upgrade sporting facilities in Senya in preperation for a World Cup bid in 2017.
The project began in 2015, after Senya lost out to Craitland in bidding for the 2015 FMF World Cup. Prior to the commencement of Project 2017, Senya had already hosted the 2013 Copa Apollonia, along with three editions of the Senyan School International Tournament.
FADESS officially handed in their bid for the 2017 World Cup on 7 October 2016.

World Cup bid

Senya plans to bid for the 2017 World Cup using either nine or ten stadia, held between eight and ten cities. Unlike previous tournaments, in which the FMF dictated which stadiums would host which games, Project 2017 currently plans to establish which stadiums will host each game, with minimum requirements for stadiums to host a game in each round.
Whilst all stadiums will host group stage games, FADESS plans for 4 stadiums to be maximum allowed to host Group Stage/Play-off round games, 2 to host Quarter-Finals, 3 to host the Semi-Finals/Third Place games, and one venue to host the final.


Criteria Group Stage/Play-off round Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals/Third Place Final
Capacity 40,000 50,000 60,000 80,000
Field of play 105 m long, 68 m wide
Minimum size of referee's dressing room 20 m2 30 m2
Minimum number of seats in the press box 200, all with desks
Minimum number of TV studios 2 2, at least 1 with a view of the pitch 4, at least 2 with a view of the pitch 4, all with a view of the pitch
Minimum number of seats in press conference room 30 50 100 150

At the time Project 2017 was announced, only six stadiums met the capacity requirements, with only five meeting requirements to host any games at all. As such, Senya plans to upgrade stadiums to meet the requirements. It decided to invite cities and stadiums to bid, allowing two bids per city, although only one city will have two stadiums at the most.

Proposed Venues

Stadium Location Home
football team
Final package
The Snakepit Svorgas Senya national football team 115,000
Semi-Final/Third Place package
Moroni Sports Oval Moroni n/a 68,200 70,000
Revolution Road Jogasim Jogasim Revolution FC 64,000
Stad Tiga Tiga FK Tiga2 n/a 61,350
Quarter-Final package
ĴetsStad Dyas Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets FK 40,000 55,000
Stad Urzi1 Magalatska Urzi Magalatska FK2 n/a 55,000
Play-off package
KB Stadium Kateki Blavisen Kateki Blavisen FK 53,900
Air Senya Arena Lutsan Senya national women's football team 46,500
Eprat City Stadium Eprat Eprat City Harps FC 19,500 45,000
Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas Svorgas Svorgas Scitenhima FK 33,500 42,500

1 Stad Urzi will be built on the site of the MG Arena, whose 2015 capacity was 16,200.
2 proposed tenants.

Proposed packages

52 games would be played in the 2017 World Cup. 40 of these would be Group games, 4 would be play-off games, 4 would be quarter-finals, 2 would be semi-finals, 1 would be the Third place play-off, and 1 would be the final. Senya's games would be held at The Snakepit, Revolution Road, ĴetsStad and Stad Tiga, in order for the majority of the country to be able to reach the games.

Stadium GS PO QF SF 3rd F
The Snakepit 4 × 1 × × 1
Moroni Sports Oval 4 × 1 × 1 ×
Revolution Road 4 × × 1 × ×
Stad Tiga 4 × × 1 × ×
ĴetsStad 4 × 1 × × ×
Stad Urzi 4 × 1 × × ×
KB Stadium 4 1 × × × ×
Air Senya Arena 4 1 × × × ×
Eprat City Stadium 4 1 × × × ×
Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas 4 1 × × × ×

Team Bases

Each team will be allocated a team base, which will include 5-star accomodation, with spas and gymns, and will be proscribed a local Senyan club to which they will be given the training facilities of. The exception to this will be the Senyan team, who will stay and train at Colney as they usually do for home fixtures.

Fixture list

Group phase Knock-out phase
Team #1 Team #2 Venue Team #1 Team #2 Venue Team #1 Team #2 Venue
Group A Group B Play-off round
Senya Senya A2 The Snakepit B1 B2 Revolution Road 2nd Group A 3rd Group B KB Stadium
A3 A4 Air Senya Arena B3 B4 Stad Urzi 2nd Group B 3rd Group A Air Senya Arena
Senya Senya A3 Revolution Road B1 B3 The Snakepit 2nd Group C 3rd Group D Eprat City Stadium
A5 A2 Stad Urzi B5 B2 Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas 2nd Group D 3rd Group C Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas
A2 A3 KB Stadium B2 B3 ĴetsStad Quarter-finals
A4 A5 Moroni Sports Oval B4 B5 Eprat City Stadium Winner Group A Winner POR 3 The Snakepit
Senya Senya A4 ĴetsStad B4 B1 KB Stadium Winner Group B Winner POR 4 ĴetsStad
A3 A5 Eprat City Stadium B3 B5 Stad Tiga Winner Group C Winner POR 1 Stad Urzi
A5 Senya Senya Stad Tiga B5 B1 Moroni Sports Oval Winner Group D Winner POR 2 Moroni Sports Oval
A2 A4 Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas B2 B4 Air Senya Arena Semi-finals
Group C Group D Winner QF 1 Winner QF 4 Revolution Road
C1 C2 Moroni Sports Oval D1 D2 Stad Tiga Winner QF 2 Winner QF 3 Stad Tiga
C3 C4 KB Stadium D3 D4 Eprat City Stadium 3rd place play-off
C1 C3 Stad Tiga D1 D3 ĴetsStad Loser SF 1 Loser SF 2 Moroni Sports Oval
C5 C2 Eprat City Stadium D5 D2 Revolution Road Final
C2 C3 Stad Urzi D2 D3 KB Stadium Winner SF 1 Winner SF 2 The Snakepit
C4 C5 Air Senya Arena D4 D5 Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas FADESS logo.png
C4 C1 The Snakepit D4 D1 Moroni Sports Oval
C3 C5 Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas D3 D5 Air Senya Arena
C5 C1 Revolution Road D5 D1 The Snakepit
C2 C4 ĴetsStad D2 D4 Stad Urzi


Senya TV will provide the live pictures to be used by global broadcasters during the World Cup. Dragon Hall, which previously hosted the Microvision Song Contest 2015, will be divided up into studios, with each competing country being given upto 3 studios for TV and Radio, whilst each non-competing country will be given upto two. Senya TV will have a tunnel interviewer, with each country given rights to one tunnel interviewer for their respective games.

List of Broadcasters

Country TV Broadcasters Radio Broadcasters
Florian Republic Florian Republic StadioSport StadioSport Radio
Kingdom of Coria Kingdom of Coria
Fort Kolgrad Fort Kolgrad FKTV Radio Kolgrad
Mercury Mercury MeTV Sports Various local broadcasters
Ranentsi Ranentsi RTVR
Senya Senya Senya TV Radio Senya  · Radyenen Sanya
Vyktory Vyktory Vyktoryan Broadcasting Corporation